Pure Harvest and Bom Group to build state-of-the-art high-tech farms

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Pure Harvest Smart Farms has commissioned Dutch specialist contractor Bom Group to build its state-of-the-art high-tech farms. Bom Group is an innovative greenhouse manufacturer and a horticulture project developer that has been serving the horticulture industry for more than half a century. In the Middle East, Bom Group has a proven track record and is responsible for the design and installation of the Estidamah Research Centre, a water-saving greenhouse in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Sky Kurtz, Founder & CEO, Pure Harvest Smart Farms said, “We have a long-standing relationship with the leadership team at Bom Group that spans several years. We are able to leverage our proprietary design insights and years of production data together with Bom Group to build climate-controlled greenhouses with capabilities to offer year-round, locally and sustainably grown fresh fruits and vegetables with efficient use of resources.  We are now in a position to accelerate the development and market penetration of our innovative Agtech solutions and tapping into the expertise of the Bom Group will help us to achieve our growth aspirations.  We believe that our solutions and capabilities will accelerate the adoption of technology for food production in the region, impacting food security, economic diversification and sustainability on a large scale.”

Pure Harvest’s breakthrough growing system was specifically engineered to address the harsh climates of the Arabian Gulf region and allowed the company to be one of the first to produce year-round, premium quality tomatoes at a commercial scale.  With a mission to provide food security, reduce food import dependency, improve food quality, nutritional content, and variety in the region, Pure Harvest’s proprietary solution has positioned it as a pioneer of high-yielding, year-round, local production of fresh fruits and vegetables within the GCC region.

As part of this partnership, Bom Group will build Pure Harvest’s next generation of bespoke high-tech farms across the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia simultaneously in a coordinated effort for operational and cost efficiency.


John Meijer, Commercial Director, Bom Group said, “Sustainable and environmentally conscious practices are at the core of how we build, and we are delighted to lend our global experience and knowledge as Pure Harvest expands in the region.  Pure Harvest is poised to revolutionize commercial agriculture at a time when access to healthy foods is critical.  Over the past months, due to the prevailing pandemic, from concept to execution, this partnership was completed carbon-free!”

The combined footprint of both projects in UAE and Saudi Arabia is roughly 120,000 sqm and will produce a wide variety of high quality and safe tomatoes and leafy greens. Engineering and construction works have already begun with a targeted completion date of Q1 of 2021. Upon completion, the facilities will be the most sophisticated commercial farm in the region.


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