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Pure Storage®, the IT pioneer that provides the world’s most advanced data storage technology and services, has announced advancements in its sustainability efforts that will assist customers in dramatically reducing their energy consumption and environmental footprint.

Since its inception as a disruptive innovator in the storage industry, Pure Storage has prioritized sustainability. Pure is continuing to invest in helping customers achieve their environmental and energy reduction goals as sustainability and energy savings become increasingly important to organizations around the world.

The new Pure1® Sustainability Assessment provides customers with visibility into their environmental impact and proactive optimization recommendations. Among the features are:

  • Power savings analysis: Pure1 will show the power used compared to the appliance’s nominal power load. Customers can monitor power consumption efficiency for an entire fleet, by data center site, or at the individual array.
  • Greenhouse gas emissions monitor: Pure1 provides direct carbon usage estimates based on power used.
  • Assessment: Customers can use Pure1 to assess how to improve power efficiency by metering Watts per unit of data on the array that can be read back.
  • Recommendations: Pure1 provides proactive insights and guidance on improving direct carbon footprint. 

Pure continues to advance its core products to be more sustainable, in addition to delivering new sustainability tools. Pure is delivering more than double the power efficiency of previous versions with the introduction of the FlashBlade/S family of products. Because of innovative design decisions such as Pure’s DirectFlash technology, built-for-flash software, always-on deep compression, and Evergreen architecture, both FlashBlade® and FlashArray can achieve energy savings unrivaled by competing storage systems.

Pure Storage has now performed use phase sustainability analyses using the Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) formula across its entire portfolio of storage arrays, including the new FlashBlade/S, since reporting its first sustainability results in March 2022.

  • 84.7% in direct energy savings vs. competitive all-flash for FlashArray//X™
  • 80% in direct energy savings vs. competitive all-flash for FlashArray//XL™
  • 75% in direct energy savings vs. competitive hybrid for FlashArray//C™
  • 67% in direct energy savings vs. competitive legacy all-flash for FlashBlade//S
  • 60% in direct energy savings vs. competitive upstart all-flash for FlashBlade//S

As a customer first organization, Pure Storage is focused on making a real and immediate impact in reducing customers’ environmental footprints.

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