Pure Storage Unveils New Cyber Resiliency Services to Combat Ransomware

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Pure Storage®, an advanced data storage technology company, has unveiled new cyber resiliency services to bolster enterprise defenses against ransomware. The company introduced three advanced Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS) service-level agreements (SLAs) for the Pure Storage platform, focusing on cyber recovery, resilience, and site rebalance. This move reinforces Pure Storage’s commitment to delivering reliable outcomes and minimizing risk in critical data infrastructures.

AI and Cybersecurity: Navigating New Threats

As AI transforms business operations, it also empowers cybercriminals, heightening the frequency and severity of ransomware attacks. Traditional IT infrastructure often struggles to keep pace with these evolving threats. Pure Storage addresses this challenge by offering a flexible, consistent storage platform with as-a-service experiences across on-premises, public cloud, and hosted environments.

Evergreen® Architecture: A Benchmark for Continuous Innovation

Pure Storage’s Evergreen® architecture ensures continuous, non-disruptive upgrades, enabling enterprises to adapt to dynamic business environments. With a record number of concurrent SLAs, the platform guarantees reliability, performance, and sustainability.

New Cyber Resiliency Innovations

– Enhanced Cyber Recovery and Resilience SLA: Expanding its pioneering ransomware recovery SLA, Evergreen//One™ now includes disaster recovery scenarios. This SLA offers a customized recovery plan, clean service infrastructure, onsite installation, and professional services for data transfer. Pure Storage collaborates with organizations to develop and maintain a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy, including quarterly reviews for best practices adherence and risk assessments.

– New Security Assessment: Providing deep visibility into fleet-level security risks, this assessment offers actionable recommendations to enhance cyber resilience. It includes numerical scores to benchmark security postures, best practices aligned with NIST 2.0 standards, regulatory compliance advancements, and rapid recovery strategies.

– AI-Powered Anomaly Detection Enhancement: Utilizing multiple machine learning models, this feature identifies threats such as ransomware, unusual activity, and DoS attacks by analyzing historical data for anomalous patterns. Customers can quickly pinpoint recovery points to restore data and minimize operational impact.

Site Rebalance SLA: Flexibility for Evolving Needs

The new Site Rebalance SLA allows organizations to adjust reserve commitments as storage needs change, offering the flexibility to rebalance capacity across sites once every 12 months per subscription.

Pure Storage continues to lead the way in enterprise data storage, offering innovative solutions that address current needs and future uncertainties. Through its robust SLAs and commitment to continuous improvement, Pure Storage stands out as a future-proofed platform for enterprise innovation.

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