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Purify the air you breathe with Samsung

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Consumers are increasingly concerned about breathing impure air that includes gases, dust, chemicals, and various odors that comes with everyday lifestyles. Taking into account regional climate, Samsung Gulf Electronics is committed to introducing air purifiers that provide clean air regardless of the environment or the conditions.

Packed with intuitive and convenient features and smart technologies, its AX5000 purifier demonstrate Samsung’s technology with modern design to create meaningful solutions for real problems consumers face at home.

Samsung’s AX5000 purifier answers consumers’ concerns with cutting-edge purification capabilities, including filtration systems that guarantee 99.97% of particles in the air are captured—backed by independent testing.

Burcin Arabul, Head of Digital Appliances division at Samsung Gulf Electronics, said: “Samsung is committed to the health and safety of consumers around the world, and our powerful purification systems fulfill that commitment. Our consumers can observe reductions in indoor concentrations of airborne particles when using a highly efficient filter as the one used in the Samsung AX5000 air purifier.”

The unit works quickly and effectively, leveraging a comprehensive detection system with advanced sensors and a display that provides users with precise information about current indoor air quality conditions. They are also Wi-Fi-enabled, allowing users to monitor their indoor air pollution levels from anywhere, and conveniently control it remotely using the SmartThings app.

Samsung’s AX series receives a lot of attention because it boasts a five-step purification system that captures up to 99 percent of even the finest microdust, as small as 0.02 micrometers, in the air. For illustration, that’s about 50,000 times smaller than a pencil point. 

The pre-filter absorbs coarser particles in the air such as visible dust and pet hair. The second “E-Charger” releases static electricity, electrically charging ultrafine dust particles so that they are encouraged to float towards the filter. The third filter uses charcoal’s absorptive powers to eliminate bad odors and harmful gases like formaldehyde. The fourth, the PM2.5 Filter—the most intricate filter*—captures up to 99 percent of ultrafine particulates invisible to the naked eye.

Because the dust particles line up according to their electrical charge, allowing them to be efficiently collected together, there is less clogging and the filter life is extended up to two times. Virus Doctor completes the five-step purification system by reducing up to 99 percent of airborne microorganisms.


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