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Rackspace Technology and Digivante collaborate to provide application testing services

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Rackspace Technology has announced a partnership with Digivante, a provider of digital performance analysis and continuous website and application testing services, to provide AI-powered application testing to Rackspace Technology customers in EMEA.

Daniel Berry, CEO at Digivante says: “With little or no automation, traditional manual application testing can be extremely time-consuming, error-prone and difficult to scale, often resulting in either poor quality applications deployed to production or significantly delayed releases. Building automation into your testing and blending it with crowd testing in the right way reduces costs and increases velocity.

“Delays of any kind can be extremely costly. According to IDC, an hour of downtime in enterprise environments can cost between $500K to $1M – so no organisation can afford frequent downtimes in a competitive market. Automating application testing helps maximise efficiency and improves the service our customers can enjoy.”

Mahesh Desai, Chief Relationship Officer, EMEA, at Rackspace Technology, concludes: “Application testing can be unnecessary stress for businesses that already have a lot of challenges to overcome and are simply trying to deliver on customer expectations. Our joint offering with Digivante is a crucial step towards helping further augment the process for our customers and take the burden off their shoulders.

“App modernisation is a fundamental element of our customers’ ongoing cloud journeys, and this partnership enables us to help them to do so more easily.”


Digivante provides digital performance analysis and continuous website testing services, which supplement enterprises’ application testing with automation powered by AI and Machine Learning (ML). Digivante’s additional manual and crowd-sourced testing services underpin the journey to automation, helping customers overcome issues like long development time to get automation established, wanting to “automate everything” rather than focusing on where it adds value and saves time, or missing key scenarios because they can’t be easily automated. Customers also rely to Digivante’s crowd-sourced testing for a speedy turnaround when cloud migrations and optimizations necessitate testing in a short timeframe.

Digivante’s experience and technical capabilities will now be available to Rackspace Technology clients across EMEA, which is particularly important as a rising number of organisations rely heavily on digital reliability and app development.

Customers will benefit from the usage of AI and ML, as well as cloud efficiency, to speed up software delivery and minimise test cycle times. The AI-driven codeless technology significantly reduces expenses by eliminating error-prone manual testing.


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