Rackspace Technology expands strategic partnership with Cloudflare

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Rackspace Technology, a provider of end-to-end multicloud technology solutions, has expanded its strategic partnership with Cloudflare to provide expert services for Cloudflare Zero Trust.

The collaboration will enable organisations to accomplish cloud-centric goals more quickly, support remote employees, and provide a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) for their cloud apps, data, users, and devices, said a company statement. 

“We want to forge partnerships that really bring best-in-class cloud solutions to our customers. Our cloud-first delivery model supports businesses globally as they transform their networks, modernize applications, and now to help adopt zero trust security architectures,” said Gary Alterson, Vice President of Security Services for Rackspace Technology. 

“We are partnering to evolve our service models with Rackspace Elastic Engineering support for Cloudflare Zero Trust to meet the demands of our customers for expert guidance on zero trust cloud architectures,” Alterson added.

The Rackspace Technology Elastic Engineering for Security service offers consultative services to help businesses of all sizes around the world gain access to Rackspace Technology security experts who are available on-demand to assist businesses in customising, optimising, and managing their Cloudflare security platform. Rackspace Technology can provide businesses with a modernised SASE architecture that can grow fast and is directly aligned with our customers’ strategic cloud aspirations by including Cloudflare Zero Trust into our Rackspace Security Service portfolio.

Zero trust architectures are being widely used throughout the world as a vital component of secure cloud infrastructures.  

According to a recent Rackspace Technology Survey of Global IT Leaders, 49% of organisations feel that implementing zero trust security policies may help them address their most common cybersecurity concerns, such as network, platform, and web application attacks.

By adding Cloudflare Zero Trust into our Rackspace Security Service portfolio, Rackspace Technology can provide customers with a modernized SASE architecture that can grow rapidly with direct alignment to our customers’ strategic cloud initiatives.


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