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Red Hat forms strategic alliance with Nutanix

Cloud Technology

Red Hat and Nutanix have formed a strategic alliance to provide a strong platform for developing, deploying, and managing cloud-native applications on-premises and in hybrid clouds. The partnership brings together industry-leading technologies to enable Red Hat OpenShift and Red Hat Enterprise Linux installation, interoperability, and management with Nutanix Cloud Platform, including Nutanix AOS and AHV.

Key elements of the partnership include:

  • Red Hat OpenShift as the preferred choice for enterprise full stack Kubernetes on Nutanix Cloud Platform. Customers that want to run Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat OpenShift on HCI will be able to do so using Nutanix’s cloud platform, which comprises both Nutanix AOS and AHV.
  • Nutanix Cloud Platform is now a preferred choice for HCI for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat OpenShift. Customers will be able to run virtualized and containerized workloads on a hyperconverged infrastructure, leveraging Red Hat’s open hybrid cloud technologies and Nutanix’s hyperconverged solutions.
  • Nutanix AHV is now a Red Hat certified hypervisor enabling full support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and OpenShift on Nutanix Cloud Platform. The Nutanix built-in hypervisor, AHV, has been certified for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and OpenShift, giving enterprises a simpler full stack solution for containerized and virtualized cloud-native applications. This certification gives Red Hat customers more options when it comes to hypervisor installations, which is especially important as more companies experiment with cutting-edge virtualization technology.
  • Joint engineering roadmap providing robust interoperability. To ensure strong compatibility, Red Hat and Nutanix will focus on offering continuous testing of Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat OpenShift with Nutanix AHV. By coordinating product roadmaps, the firms will be able to provide more timely assistance.
  • More seamless support experience providing faster resolution times for joint customers. Customers will be able to reach out to any firm for help. The two businesses are working together to provide best-in-class support for the certified products’ interoperability.

Nutanix Cloud Platform’s distributed architecture provides a highly scalable and robust IT environment, making it ideal for enterprise deployments of Red Hat OpenShift at scale. The platform also features fully integrated unified storage, which helps operators overcome many of the problems they experience when designing and managing storage for stateful containers.


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