Red Hat: ‘GITEX 2020 is the perfect platform to introduce new innovations to the market’


Adrian Pickering, Regional General Manager, EMEA, Red Hat, looks at the issues affecting businesses in the region, and explains why attending GITEX Technology Week 2020 is so important for his company

Accelerated digital transformation is a major trend that continues to affect our business this year. As expected, organisational dependence on technology has increased substantially due to the pandemic, and enterprises continue to require greater digital capabilities to succeed in their respective sectors. Looking ahead, the importance of technology and deploying those with the capabilities to meet requirements for an array of sectors will only increase. Therefore, we are experiencing greater demand for open source software. Widespread digital transformation is driving our presence and influence in several areas of IT technology development across different sectors, and the open source software and solutions we provide will continue to drive sustainability and success for enterprises moving forward.

Showcasing the future at GITEX 2020

From our perspective here at Red Hat, we are attending GITEX 2020 to introduce new innovations to the market, network with new and existing clients, and interact with industry personnel and representatives from public and private sector organisations across the GCC. As we all know, GITEX is the region’s flagship technology show. We are proud of our long-standing association with the event, which is a focal point for the majority of regional technology users. We are also attending GITEX because the event is a formative platform for showcasing and experiencing the future. As such, we are looking forward to demonstrating how open source will benefit the enterprise community in the months and years ahead.

Hyperscale cloud in the GCC

Because global hyperscale cloud providers have been established in countries across the region, we aim to reach out to as many public and private sector organisations as possible at GITEX 2020. We want to engage with them concerning the many benefits that hybrid cloud services provide, such as scaling computing resources, minimising costs, and generating revenue. At the same time, we hope to inspire an array of organisations and technology vendors, discuss their roles and what they will entail in the future, and promote open source solutions so that more will apply them to their respective operations. Flexibility, speed, security, agility, sustainability, and cost-efficiency are all advantages sure to come to fruition with open source services and solutions that we provide. Therefore, we aim to utilize the platform GITEX provides to introduce an influx of potential new customers to open source.

Emerging from the coronavirus pandemic

Now that the region is emerging from the crisis and events are resuming, businesses and representatives can come together and hold discussions in-person regarding the future and how best to achieve success. Of course, the has world changed, and the GITEX 2020 audience will naturally expect a different experience of the event and of Red Hat. Digital disruption and transformation are already driving more and more enterprises to explore digital channels with a view to achieving operational sustainability. As the capabilities of digital technologies continue to be recognised and showcased, industries and enterprises must adapt to the evolving digital landscape so they remain competitive and cater to customer needs. Remote meetings of recent times have proven to be a very effective means of communication, yet face-to-face shows are perhaps the greatest form of communication.

From our perspective, these conditions offer an opportunity to create a new and different experience, one the feels deliberate rather than a consequence of Covid-19 circumstances. This is where an automated self-service booth experience comes in. At the Red Hat booth this year, H6-A20, we are aiming to integrate digital elements for guidance and experience navigation, demonstrate the playfulness and interactive nature of our brand, and invite attendees to ‘Go Slow, Look Closer and Dig Deeper’. We will be showcasing products, solutions, and new functionality, taking attendees on a journey through the virtuous cycle of cutting edge tech that includes Red Hat open source, edge computing, open hybrid cloud, and digital transformation and verticals. We are looking forward to interacting with our customers through both virtual pre-booked meetings with our team and on-site bookings that are available for detailed product deep-dives.

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