Redefining e-Commerce 2.0 – CommerceUp debuts in MENA region

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CommerceUp, a cloud-based e-commerce platform start-up, has officially launched in the MENA region to provide a next-generation end-to-end unified technology solution to the region’s steadily growing online business sector.

The company’s presence in the region marks the beginning of its increased efforts to redefine e-Commerce 2.0 by providing cutting-edge software, services, and infrastructure. Its solutions are intended to enable businesses to rapidly and efficiently scale online, allowing them to devote their full attention to their core products, brand, and customers.

CommerceUp’s entry into the market comes at a time when the region’s e-commerce industry’s growth outlook remains positive. The value of the regional market increased from USD 18.6 billion in 2016 to USD 41.5 billion in 2020, according to Digital Marketing Researches & Reports.

Piyush Pathak, Founder & CEO, CommerceUp, said: “We launched CommerceUp to address the unique technology needs of medium and large enterprises in the region. As a cloud-based, flexible and adaptable e-commerce platform, we understand the pain points being experienced by many brands today when scaling their businesses, dealing with costly plugins and being dependent on multiple companies. We want to deliver a solution to these problems. CommerceUp is the right partner for businesses. We not only provide consultation and guidance, but we also implement and execute the whole process.”

CommerceUp’s technology ensures support for the three pillars of e-commerce: online storefront, post-checkout operations, and customer and sales growth. It provides a single platform that is integrated with key tools, eliminating the need for plugins. Companies can build their websites, social media accounts, and mobile applications on its low-cost platform without the need for an in-house technical team, resulting in significant cost savings.

The company’s quick-to-launch technology is also integrated with powerful features that enable marketing and promotion, easy inventory, customer, and order management, and access to third-party service providers such as payment and logistics partners.

“Many brands fail as they are not able to connect with the right technology partner. They have a mountain of things to think about— from product design and branding to marketing to sales to legal and HR issues. We are solving this gap by providing a fast and efficient way of going online and selling products online. They can execute processes and achieve results efficiently by effectively running their business in one place rather than opening10 different dashboards. Our commitment is to support businesses who are facing growth challenges due to current market e-commerce platform limitations,” Pathak added.

CommerceUp, as per the company is the first e-commerce platform to successfully combine the ease of use, speed to market, and cost-effectiveness of software as a service (SaaS) with the flexibility of bespoke solutions. The company has already formed alliances with clients in India and Dubai.


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