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Renowned digital artist Alexis Christodoulou joins Bedu

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Bedu, the Dubai-based Metaverse company and Middle East Web3 technologies, announced the appointment of renowned digital artist Alexis Christodoulou as creative lead on the company’s pioneering Metaverse project, “2117.” 

“I work from a desire to see fantastic spaces come to life that echoes a modern, clean aesthetic,” Christodoulou said. “Bedu is out in front in the Metaverse race, and I can’t wait to join the expedition to the Web frontier. Through the 2117 project, we have an opportunity to write the next chapter in humankind’s digital saga.”

Christodoulou, a self-taught 3D artist, has spent the last 12 years amassing a collection of imaginary architecture works. Frustrated by the lack of representation of modern aesthetics in digital spaces, he set about creating his own, focusing on modernist and utopian concepts.

“Bedu is committed to becoming a leading architect of the Metaverse, and we are assembling a world-class team to do just that,” said Matti Zinder, Co-Founder and President of Bedu. “We were struck by the hopeful aesthetic of Alexis’ architectural forms, such as his gardens and landscapes, and we cannot wait to see his endless creativity unleashed on our 2117 project.”

Christodoulou’s explorations have caught the interest of brands all over the world, and his works regularly sell out on prestigious NFT platforms. He opened Color C Design Studio in Amsterdam, Netherlands, in 2021, and he has been featured in prestigious design-focused publications such as Wallpaper, Ignant, Dezeen, Nowness, and Architectural Digest. 


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