R&M introduces new flexible FTTH terminal boxes

Networking Technology

R&M, the developer and provider of cabling systems for high-quality network infrastructures, is extending its Polaris range with FO terminal boxes for supplying large and small buildings with Fiber to the Home (FTTH). The fiber optic terminal boxes help network operators to connect and manage the growing number of FO cables in the tightest of spaces. The smallest variant can accommodate up to four adapters for FTTH subscribers, the largest up to 36 adapters or 288 splice connections. The family now comprises five models.

Polaris-Boxes accommodate everything network operators require on site for FTTH provision: drop or subscriber and patch cords, fiber or loose tube storage, modules for trays as well as splice, splitter and patch connections. In the case of the three larger models, the functional components are situated on the front and back on a pivotable fiber tray. Adapters, splice trays, splitters and fiber routing are all freely accessible. They can be inserted and extended in just a few easy steps. The overlength storage for loose tubes and customer cables is in the base of the device.

Multi-part seals make it easier to insert the cables. These are easy to insert in the slits and no longer have to be threaded through the seals – as is the case with conventional boxes. The cable entries fulfill the requirements of protection class IP65. This means the boxes can be used outdoors.

The modular principle of the boxes makes it possible to gradually adapt fiber optic supply to market requirements. FTTH suppliers can configure and change the patch, splice and splitter assembly as required and even compact them at a later date. The boxes are used to create every typical topology in the access network area. They can be used in all kinds of premises from a single dwelling unit, such as a family home, to extensive building complexes or residential estates. Within buildings, the boxes are suitable for building entry points, risers, floor distributors and optical termination outlets in offices and apartments.

The capacities:

  • Polaris-Box 4: 156 x 230 x 63 mm. Basic equipment for 2 or 4 plug connections SC, LC-Duplex, E-2000™, 12 splice connections in the basic version, as well as 1 splitter with a split ratio of 1:4 or 1:8. Options for a further splice tray.
  • Polaris-Box 6: 197 x 285 x 63 mm. Basic equipment for 6plug connections (depending on the type of adapter SC, LC-Duplex, E-2000), 12 splice connections, 3 splitters with a split ratio of 1:4. Options for additional 48 splice connections with 4 x 1TUP FMTS trays.
  • Polaris-Box 16: 217 x 310 x 110 mm. Basic equipment for 16 or 24 plug connections, SC, LC-D or E-2000, 24 splice connections, 3 splitters with a split ratio of 1:8. Options for 2 x LGX splitter modules.
  • Polaris-Box 24: 263 x 371 x 150 mm. Basic equipment for 24 plug connections, SC, LC-D or E-2000, 144 splice connections, 6 splitters with a split ratio of 1:8 as well as 12 TPU (Tray Position Units) for assemblies with splice and splitter trays.
  • Polaris-Box 36: 330 x 450 x 150 mm. Basic equipment for 36 plug connections SC, LC-D or E-2000, 24 TPU`s (Tray Position Units) for up to 288 splice connections, 9 splitters with a split ratio of 1:8.

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