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Salam glorifies Red Sea International Film Festival success

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Salam, a Saudi Arabian telecommunications firm, has completed its participation in the Red Sea International Film Festival, which was organized by the Ministry of Culture. This year’s third annual edition was a resounding success, welcoming movie stars, directors, artists, and media and film professionals from around the world for a grand celebration, once again held to support the Saudi film industry, enrich local cinematic content, and showcase the latest storytelling trends and emerging talent. Salam provided comprehensive managed internet and connectivity services for attendees using the newest Wi-Fi technology during the festival’s duration.

Salam congratulated the Ministry of Culture and event organisers on the 2021 Red Sea International Film Festival, which will showcase the Kingdom’s larger arts and culture industry to global audiences. Salam singled out the organization’s efforts at the national level, praising it for its work in development, transformation, and alignment with the Quality of Life Program. The Program strives to improve the quality of life for Saudi citizens and visitors alike under the Vision 2030 framework, which is being hastened by the Festival’s visibility, popularity, exposure, and involvement levels.

Salam said that the Red Sea International Film Festival’s supply of crucial internet and connectivity services originates from its pioneering role in statewide communications, IT, and innovative digital service development. All big international events staged in the Kingdom, according to the business, require these services, which have proven to be effective in displaying freshly released and forthcoming films, presenting world-class audio-visual artworks that break the norm, and bringing reality and imagination together.

Salem, as a telecommunications company, offers the best next-generation communications and information technology solutions for government, corporate, and individual sectors across the Kingdom, including interconnection, cloud computing, managed services, security services, and Internet services.

Salam’s remit also includes using its expertise, experience, and resources to help businesses of all sizes become smarter, more digitally linked, and secure.


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