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Samsung Electronics takes home 48 awards at IDEA 2021

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Samsung Electronics has taken home 48 awards at IDEA 2021. Samsung Electronics announced that it has received 48 prizes at the prestigious International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) 2021, including seven Silvers, three Bronzes, and 38 finalists. Samsung’s IDEA 2021 awards comprise unique ideas in a variety of categories, demonstrating the company’s expertise in consumer lifestyle design, ranging from product design to interactive and advanced concept design. 

The Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) has hosted IDEA every year since 1980. IDEA, widely regarded as North America’s most prominent design awards programme, selects honorees based on design innovation, user benefit, and societal benefit, among other factors.

Samsung received seven Silver medals for their innovative products, including:

Samsung Neo QLED 8K - techxmedia

– The Samsung Neo QLED 8K (QN900A) has the Infinity Screen design, which increases immersion by reducing the bezel.

Bespoke CubeTM air purifier - techxmedia

– Bespoke CubeTM air purifier (AX9500N) with the novel concept of allowing customers to customise the front panel design of the purifier to fit their lifestyle.

Bespoke Sleek (VS6800AL) - techxmedia

– Bespoke Sleek (VS6800AL), a vacuum cleaner with a slim and customisable design that takes up little room.

SmartThings Cooking - techxmedia

– SmartThings Cooking, which uses Whisk’s Food AI to provide a one-stop cooking experience.

The following received Bronze awards:

The Frame - lifestyle television - techxmedia

 – The Frame, a lifestyle television that can be customised to complement any home décor and includes a ‘Art Mode’ feature that allows users to appreciate artworks from the comfort of their own homes.

The Premiere - home theatre projector - techxmedia

– The Premiere, a home theatre projector for individuals who desire to create a theater-like atmosphere in their homes.

Samsung - techxmedia

– Bespoke 4 – Door Flex refrigerator, which helps consumers achieve their desired lifestyles through flexible, personalised offerings.

“The pandemic affected consumers’ lifestyles in many ways, so it is more important than ever to keep an eye on how those change and to offer meaningful experiences to consumers accordingly,” said Dontae Lee, Executive Vice President and the Head of Corporate Design Center at Samsung Electronics.

Further added, “We will continue to provide optimized experiences for consumers based on a variety of lifestyles with the design that best resonates with them.”

on september 21, the idea 2021 ceremony was held virtually. from september 22 to 23, the international design conference will be held virtually for two days. at the event, dontae lee will offer a keynote titled “design for a better tomorrow.”


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