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Samsung launches new AI course to empower youth across the UAE

Artificial Intelligence Technology

Samsung Gulf Electronics has announced that Samsung Innovation Campus, the company’s global citizenship initiative, is debuting in the UAE with a fresh new Artificial Intelligence (AI) course to empower youth across the country. AI readiness is now vital to corporate adaptability, continuity, and long-term performance, with fast digital transformation across all business sectors and emergent technologies already having a consistent impact across society. The growing demand for technical talent in more AI-driven professional situations goes hand in hand with this. Samsung painstakingly crafted this AI course to provide kids with the necessary abilities to reinvent the future. Participants will gain essential AI, machine learning (ML), and deep learning (DL) expertise and skillsets as part of the new initiative, which coincides with the brand’s worldwide corporate responsibility objective of providing education for future generations.

Jerric Wong, Head of Corporate Marketing at Samsung Gulf Electronics, said: “Academic insights and practical exercises have always been a combination key for successful knowledge and skillsets development. But as aspirational young people prepare to pursue full-time careers amidst an evolving digital era and Fourth Industry Revolution (4IR), fostering this approach has become even more important. Together for tomorrow is a long-standing principle at Samsung, and we are proud to honor this once again through the Samsung Innovation Campus. In due course, participants will receive education and hands-on experience through the AI course, which will help position them for long and successful careers.” 

AI and machine learning will surely shape the future, with both next-generation technologies already transforming the world and providing numerous benefits to consumers, businesses, governments, and society. As a result, Samsung’s AI course will cover the tools and technologies that young people will need to stay ahead of the curve.

The course, which will take place entirely online, will teach participants how to model AI using a solid mathematical foundation while also building a fluid understanding of AI projects and acquiring practical experience with relevant design, implementation, and results communication processes.

Participants will also get hands-on experience with machine learning technologies and real-world problem solving through a variety of exercises and projects. As part of Samsung’s commitment to upskilling the youth of tomorrow, this will be provided free of charge to students accepted into the programme.

Students will grasp data science tools, their applications, and the fundamental ideas of probability, statistics, linear algebra, and python after completing the course. They will also obtain a reasonable understanding of the methods discussed in order to use ML and DL to create AI. Seats are restricted and registration is open until Sunday, November 7th for those interested.

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