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SHAREit’s Karam Malhotra – Interview

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For the special feature “Closing the Gaps Between Businesses and Technology,” TECHx Editor Rabab Zehra interviewed Karam Malhotra, Partner & Global VP, SHAREit, to learn more about the company’s products & services, gaming space, remote working, and forthcoming trends. Take a look at the responses we received.

TECHx: SHAREit has come a long way since its inception in 2015. What changes have you seen in your products and services over time?

Karam: While SHAREit began as an offline peer-to-peer file transfer application in 2015 and revolutionized this space, the past six years have seen SHAREit grow into a global brand, transforming the app into a one-stop content platform that aids content discovery, consumption and gaming across the globe. Owing to our users’ needs, we have made various changes to the products and services we provide withour platform continuously disruptingthe entertainment and gaming space. As an integrated business and all-in-one content platform, we now stream local digital content, accommodate users’ digital content needs, and deliver new value to gamers through our exclusive gaming center. Starting with a high utility product, we are now a one-stop digital ecosystem providing high-quality digital content for all.  Although ensuring our users can transfer files faster and safer has always been SHAREit Group’s top priority, we are equally proud of these changes we have witnessed over time, and the coming period will also see us continue with our efforts to democratize digital content and ensure access to users anywhere around the world.  

TECHx: What is SHAREit doing in the Middle East mobile gaming space?

Karam: Our exclusive gaming center was previously mentioned, and this feature embodies what our brand brings to the regional gaming space, positioning our application as a unique gaming proposition for users. With over 2000 mobile games, SHAREit fans can enjoy seamless access to one of the world’s largest catalogs of its kind, which includes HTML5 games, the latest and most popular releases, and countless gaming videos. At the same time, users also receive personalized recommendations in line with their individual preferences, with different options available for casual, social, midcore, hardcore, and professional gamers alike. For SHAREit Group, our gaming center has also witnessed a period of increased popularity and usage since the COVID-19 outbreak, with users spending more time playing gaming online through our application throughout this time.

TECHx: In the previous year, working remotely has emerged as a feasible long-term option. What role does SHAREit play in this transition, especially in terms of bridging the technological and business divides?

Karam: Understandably, the disruptive and unpredictable nature of the pandemic compelled every business to transition to virtual operating environments, bridging the technological and business divide in the process. As people continue to stay at home, we have witnessed a meteoric rise in content consumption in various geographies.At SHAREit Group, we are continuously refining and upgrading our product to meet user demands and expectations. Not withstanding the distancing, the pandemic has brought us, as humans, closer together than ever before, and we are facilitating the human component of sharing anything across any platform easily, securely and swiftly.  

TECHx: Worldwide filesharing software market is expanding due to advances in digital technology. What new trends do you see in this industry in the coming years?

Karam: Digital advancements will continue to accelerate exponentially in due course, contributing to the expansion of a multitude of markets, including the file-sharing software market. As such, new trends will emerge while current ones continue on an upward trajectory, collectively helping to propel the file-sharing software space to greater heights. First and foremost, rises in cyberattacks and internet penetration will support market growth, both trends that we have seen develop for several years now. In terms of new trends, heightened cloud computing adoption and the implementation of other emerging technologies will bring a host of opportunities for the market. As we continue to progress, the industry will witness advancements in security, fastercross-platform file transfer, and making the process simpler for users. SHAREit, being at the forefront, is leading the technology with the fastest cross-platform file sharing tool globally. With no limitations on file size or type, we continue to upgrade our technology to put maximum power in the hands of users.


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