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Skillsoft study shows the gap between women in tech and employers

Women In Tech

Skillsoft has published fresh research on the current situation of women in technology, including the problems and impediments to inclusion they experience and how companies may better help them. According to the findings of Skillsoft’s 2021 Women in Tech Report, while female employees have made strides in the workplace, there is still a significant disparity in terms of professional development and career promotion.

“Organizations around the globe are looking for ways to address their skills gaps, and in many cases, the answer lies within via their existing workforce,” said Potoula Chresomales, SVP, Product Management, Skillsoft.

“Women make up less than 40 percent of the global workforce, and for that number to increase, female employees must be empowered with continuous training, professional development, and career advancement, as well as equal pay. The time is now for organizations to tackle gender disparity head-on. By doing so, we can build more inclusive, equitable, and competitive businesses,” added Potoula Chresomales.

According to the survey, there is a disconnect between what women in IT want and what they are currently getting at work. While 86% of respondents stated professional growth and training opportunities are extremely or very essential to them, just 42% claimed their employers presently provide this as a benefit. When questioned about the biggest obstacles they’ve encountered when seeking a tech-related profession, over a third of the women polled (32%) said a lack of training.

According to the study, women in tech want to learn, and when asked which tech-related fields they are most interested in, business analysis, cybersecurity, analytics, AI, and machine learning, as well as leadership and management, came out on top. With 76 percent of organisations currently facing skills gaps in their IT departments, according to Skillsoft’s recent IT Skills and Salary Report, providing opportunities for training and professional development is a major benefit for employers and employees alike, as it can help fill critical shortages and skills gaps while also putting women on a path to career advancement.

Skillsoft’s 2021 Women in Tech Report highlights a few ways organizations can better empower female employees, including:

  • Provide and encourage opportunities for certification:

o When asked how certifications have helped them progress their professions, respondents stated that they have gained more responsibility (52%), earned greater wages (34%), and received promotions (32%).

o Despite the fact that business analysis and cybersecurity are two of the most popular topics, just 22% and 18% of respondents have the necessary credentials. Only 19 percent say they have no certificates at all.

  • Make a concentrated effort to reduce gender bias in STEM:

o Seventy percent of the women polled said men outnumber them in the workplace by two-to-one or more.

o In addition, Skillsoft discovered that, in comparison to men, women in IT must work longer hours to advance in their careers. Men in leadership jobs have an average of 15-20 years of experience, compared to 26 or more years for women.

o Organizations should provide opportunities for professional development and training (55 percent), childcare (47 percent), career coaching, mentoring, and counselling (43 percent), and an equitable work culture (43 percent) to encourage more women to pursue tech-related careers, according to respondents (41 percent).

  • Alleviate the unique on-the-job challenges women face:

o While women in tech have high overall work satisfaction (91 percent of respondents say they are extremely or somewhat satisfied in their jobs), they encounter several challenges. The absence of wage equity is cited as the main challenge by 38% of respondents. The absence of parity in possibilities is followed by balancing work and life (36 percent) (33 percent).

  • Ensure training is timely and topical:

o When looking for a training provider, women in tech look for scheduling options (34%), relevant course availability (32%), and possibilities for hands-on experience (32%). (32 percent).

To discover more about how Skillsoft’s relationship with Ellevate Network is assisting women whose careers have been harmed by COVID-19.


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