Snowflake Secures DESC Certification, Expands Data Cloud Services in Dubai

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Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, has obtained the Dubai Electronic Security Centre (DESC) certification, enabling the expansion of its Data Cloud services across all markets in Dubai, including government and semi-government organizations.

The DESC certification is essential for cloud service providers in Dubai, ensuring adherence to strict cybersecurity standards necessary to serve government entities. Snowflake collaborated with an independent third-party assessor to complete the certification assessment. This rigorous accreditation process requires compliance with international standards such as ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 27017, and ISO/IEC 27018, as well as local regulations outlined in the DESC Information Security Regulation (ISR).

With this certification, Snowflake is well-positioned to meet the heightened expectations for cloud service providers, providing a robust framework for technical and governance measures to securely serve government entities in Dubai. The certification specifically covers Snowflake’s operations in the Azure UAE North region. For a complete list of Snowflake regions, visit the Supported Cloud Regions page.

Mohamed Zouari, Regional Director at Snowflake, highlighted the significance of this achievement: “As the Middle East rapidly advances its digital transformation and AI adoption, the need for reliable and secure cloud services is more critical than ever. Snowflake’s DESC certification not only underscores our dedication to meeting the highest standards of data security, but also positions us as a key player in supporting the region’s economic diversification and digital and AI strategies. This accelerates our growth and unlocks new business opportunities while strengthening the cybersecurity posture of our services across the Middle East.”

This milestone coincides with the growing potential for cloud computing and digital transformation in the Middle East. Government recognition of cloud technology’s benefits, alongside its role in propelling AI adoption, underscores its importance. PWC estimates a $320 billion impact from AI for the region, highlighting the transformative power of these technologies.

By securing the DESC certification, Snowflake is poised to play a crucial role in driving the digital transformation agenda in Dubai and across the Middle East, reinforcing its commitment to delivering secure, reliable, and innovative cloud services.

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