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Sony Extra Bass speakers: Great companion for weekend party or staycation

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Looking for a way to make the most of your staycation this season? Nothing beats spending a leisurely day at the beach, at a park, or camping out with good music and friends. But what’s an outdoor jam without music to liven it up?

You need portable Bluetooth speakers to play your favorite tunes, as smartphone speakers just aren’t good enough! Here are five reasons why Sony Extra Bass™wireless speakers are the perfect gadget to make your local staycation memorable:

1. Powerful Sound

The latest Sony EXTRA BASS™ SRS-XB23, SRS-XB33, and SRS-XB43 wireless speakers feature the X-Balanced Speaker Unit that achieves high sound quality and powerful sound pressure for a richer, deeper, and more rewarding listening experience. The unit’s distinctive, non-circular shape increases sound pressure so the bass is more punchy bass and the sound distortion is minimized.

2. Built for the outdoors

Sony wireless speakers are waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof. They come with an IP67 rating, meaning they are unaffected by sand from the beach or desert, and can function even after being immersed in up to three feet of water. What’s more, the speakers are also immune to saltwater – making them the perfect accessory for your next impromptu beach party. Thanks to the latest shock-proof durable design, these speakers can withstand accidental knocks, bumps or scrapes.

3. A surround-sound effect

Deep and punchy bass and the Live Sound mode get the party going. Sony speakers offer a surround-sound effect that delivers an all-encompassing, three-dimensional music experience – music sounds as if you were at a live venue. Want to host a fun party? Then these speakers are ideal for hip-hop, dance, and rap music lovers with bass at the heart.

4. Reliable battery that keeps the party going!

The only thing that might ruin a fun party is low battery. But don’t fret, these speakers have a run time of about a full day, unless you employ the LIVE SOUND or EXTRA BASS modes as this drops battery life to about 14 hours when enabled. But it’s still a long time to enjoy the entire party without worrying about losing your favorite jam.

5. A party booster on your palm

Thanks to the Party Connect feature, up to 100 compatible wireless speakers can be connected via Bluetooth® technology to play and dance to the same music. Selecting the ‘Party Lights’ option on the Fiestable app, lets you recreate a ring of colored LEDs lining the sides and front of the speakers. It feels just like a live concert!

So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on your own Sony Extra Bass speakers and elevate your simple weekend getaway into the most talked-about party on the beach.


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