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Sony’s new film series celebrates the journey of photographers and videographers

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A new series of films launched by Sony Middle East and Africa celebrates the journey of photographers and videographers in the region. Launched on Alpha Universe, Sony’s community platform for imaging professionals, ‘Why We Shoot’ puts those usually behind the lens in front of the camera, sharing inspirational stories about their work and creative process.

why we shoot - techxmedia

Murat Gebeceli, Head of Digital Imaging, Sony Middle East & Africa said: “Each of the stories in ‘Why We Shoot’ reflects content creators’ inspiration and unpacks the immense joy and satisfaction that professionals feel when they capture the perfect moment through their lenses. While the series showcases the passion of Sony Alpha ambassadors, it also shines a light on the sheer effort that goes into translating their vision into an actual picture or film. The right tools and equipment are essential in this pursuit. ‘Why We Shoot’ shows how the professionals work with Sony cameras across a range of genres – be it travel, portraits, wildlife or wedding photography, to capture imagery with a breathtaking level of detail and resolution. Soon, we will also work with hobby photographers, explore the world of amateurs and how they keep their passion alive.”

‘Why We Shoot’ shares the stories and journeys of innovative photographers and pioneering filmmakers that inspired hem to capture iconic footage while pushing the boundaries of creativity.

why we shoot - techxmedia

Millions of individual content pieces are shared on social media every minute – with images that inspire, pique our curiosity or leave us in absolute awe. The motivations for each are different, but the passion for what they see as a tool to inspire, express, heal or tell stories is a shared one.

The episodes of ‘Why We Shoot’ show how incredibly big a canvas the world can be for anyone looking to pick up a camera. From wedding and travel to wildlife and portrait photographers, professionals dissect their motivation and creative process. The role gadgets and tools – lenses, tripods and editing software — play in capturing the perfect image has also been highlighted. 

why we shoot - techxmedia

Finally, it all boils down to the titular ‘Why we shoot’. The photographers and videographers share different insights, as some highlight how they inspire others to travel and explore the world while others identify unlocking the mysteries of nature or saving wildlife as their motivation.

The episodes can be watched here. Users can also register and sign in to view ‘Why We Shoot’ episodes that are released every week. Once they register, they also receive an email notification when a new episode is available.


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