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Backbase collaborates with Microsoft to re-architect banking around the customer

Digital transformation is challenging, requiring institutions to simultaneously modernize a multitude of complex business systems as well as their infrastructure. Together with Microsoft Backbase enables organizations to adopt solutions specifically built for their industry quickly. You can now use modular solutions with built-in industry standards that augment your organization’s current investments and are extensible as business needs evolve and grow.

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Jacob Chacko - Regional Director - ME -KSA -SA -ArubaHPE - next generation connectivity -Wi-Fi 6E - techxmedia

Wi-Fi 6E: Implementing and activating the next generation of connectivity

Wi-Fi 6E uses a third band – 6GHz – and extends the same Wi-Fi 6 capabilities into it, enabling far greater efficiency, increased throughput, and tighter security. The extension into this band essentially doubles the amount of frequency that is available to devices and users. Wi-Fi 6E gives organizations far greater control over how data is treated and is cheaper to boot.

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