Her Excellency Shamma bint Suhail Al Mazrui - Minister of State for Youth Affairs - techxmedia

Emirati youth prefer learning through conversations than social media

The survey explores the extent to which the concept of lifelong learning resonates with Emirati youth. Two-fifths (39%) of respondents said they prefer to learn new information through engaging in conversations with others – suchas older family members, older members of society, mentors, or peers – which reflects the Emirati traditions of communal solidarity and passing wisdom down through the generations.

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Alibaba Cloud - e-commerce solution - Cloud Summit - techxmedia

Alibaba Cloud launches e-commerce solution at its Cloud Summit

Built on Alibaba Cloud’s immersive technology, the solution provides a rich range of essential features with minimal latency for virtual sales sessions, including live stream replays, product video showcases embedded into live streaming windows and real-time subtitle translation for cross-border live streams, among others. It also supports end-to-end and device-to-cloud live streaming, making it easier for smaller merchants to launch their own sales sessions.

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