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“Mawid” and “Tetamman” two digital healthcare solutions for MoH and stc

“Mawid” is a smart phone application that enables users to book appointments in primary healthcare centers and manage, change or cancel their appointments.“Tetamman” (rest assured) clinics has been launched to enable the patient with COVID-19 symptoms to find the nearest facility that provides an immediate test and examination and to refer the patient to hospitals.

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Tom Kellermann- Head of Cybersecurity Strategy- VMware Security Business Unit - techxmedia

Modern Bank Heists: Financial institutions are being held hostage

The modern bank heist has escalated to a hostage situation over the past year. The new goal of attackers is now to hijack a financial institution’s digital infrastructure and to leverage that infrastructure against a bank’s constituents. As the world shifted to an anywhere workforce amid the pandemic, we witnessed attacker strategy evolve, becoming much more destructive and sophisticated.

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