Forum identifies prospects for driving future economic growth in Dubai

Major factors that aided Dubai’s response to the pandemic is commitment to digitalisation. Whether the Internet of Things or Fourth Industrial Revolution, Dubai has been at the forefront with latest technologies, which have benefited all sectors of economy – from retail to logistics to trade. Dubai’s leadership has been prioritising digital transformation and innovation many years before Covid-19 disrupted the world.

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Dubai-Healthcare-City-To-Weigh-Into-Arab-Health-2021-With-'Research-&-Innovation'-Focus - techxmedia

DHCC to weigh into Arab Health 2021 with ‘Research & Innovation’ focus

‘Research & Innovation’ DHCC will highlight the inspirational behind-the-scenes research capabilities and innovative initiatives of its community partners as part of its drive to evolve the destination to becoming a global research hub and a transformer of healthcare for the next 50 years. DHCC is now in the process of imple to minimize the impact of the novel corona virus.

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