Unikie - Ericsson - factory parking - 5G private network - techxmedia

Ericsson and Unikie enhance factory parking with a 5G private network

Automakers gain from pinpointing the exact position of parked vehicles, which saves time and money in the search process. The parking space can be optimised by up to 20% with precision parking. Aside from greater safety for onsite employees, there are fewer vehicle parking incidents. Airport parking, shopping malls, and logistic hubs are all conceivable applications for the technology.

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Digital DEWA - du - industrial 5G - 5G SA technology - techxmedia

Digital DEWA and du unveil industrial 5G slicing through 5G SA technology

Du will create DEWA’s new mobile core edge infrastructure using a Network Function Virtualization (NFV) infrastructure solution, independently separating and scaling the control and user planes. DEWA’s InfraX will provide smooth and innovative services to DEWA and its subsidiaries thanks to du’s 5G SA solution. Both sides have agreed to develop new use cases for mobile edge computing to improve operations.

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