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Emirates Mars mission ‘Double Moon’ bags award at Cannes Lions 2021

The Double Moon high-tech projection was part of an extensive media campaign carried out by the UAE Government Media Office under the slogan “Arabs to Mars” to celebrate the Emirates Mars Mission, the Arab world’s first interplanetary exploration. The nationwide campaign saw a series of creative and ambitious activations including the Martian Ink passport stamps for visitors arriving in Dubai.

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Emirates Mars Mission - Astraunaut view- techxmedia

Emirates Mars Mission captures global images of Mars’ discrete aurora

Unique global snapshots of discrete aurora of Mars are the first time such detailed and clear observations have been made globally, as well as across previously unobservable wavelengths. Implications for our understanding of Mars’ atmospheric and magnetospheric science are tremendous and provide new support to theory that solar storms are not necessary to drive Mars’ aurora,’ commented Hessa Al Matroushi.

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