Orange - Ericsson - mobile-money-service - Africa - techxmedia

Orange chooses Ericsson to expand its mobile money service in Africa

As we continue to work to support our customers and enhance the services offered to them, we are very pleased to work with Ericsson as their financial services platform is built upon the latest security technologies and open architecture framework principles which can further expand our ecosystem and achieve our vision of financial inclusion in Africa,” said Alioune Ndiaye.

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Mobily - Ericsson - 5G technology - techxmedia

Mobily and Ericsson sign deal to scale up 5G technology applications in the region

Mobily and Ericsson are teaming up to accelerate 5G technology research in region. Mobily’s attempts to develop novel consumer-centric 5G applications and services are aided by the initiative, which connects Mobily to a wide spectrum of companies that deliver AR and AI solutions. New use cases in embedded experience, AR and AI games, etc are supported to 5G’s reduced latency.

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Unikie - Ericsson - factory parking - 5G private network - techxmedia

Ericsson and Unikie enhance factory parking with a 5G private network

Automakers gain from pinpointing the exact position of parked vehicles, which saves time and money in the search process. The parking space can be optimised by up to 20% with precision parking. Aside from greater safety for onsite employees, there are fewer vehicle parking incidents. Airport parking, shopping malls, and logistic hubs are all conceivable applications for the technology.

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Ericsson - Intelligent Deployment - network services - techxmedia

Ericsson executes Intelligent Deployment for strengthened network services

Intelligent Deployment will supply the right network at the right moment, and network data will be used to improve and develop the network. To satisfy market and customer expectations, service providers can leverage data-driven and digitalized procedures to make network management choices faster and more effectively. The inclusion of AI will ensure that the network evolves with the times.

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Omantel - Ericsson - Service Operations Center - network services - techxmedia

Omantel and Ericsson open Service Operations Center to improve network services

Ericsson’s long-term relationship with Omantel includes the launch of the SOC. Ericsson’s Managed Services Transformation Program includes the latest progress with Omantel. With a detailed step-by-step strategy starting with target setting, platform deployment, use case development, implementation, and validation/revalidation procedure, the SOC has been intended to produce enhanced Network Service Quality Key Performance Indicators (S-KPIs) results.

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