Angolan Minister of trade and commerce pays a visit to Dubai Industrial City

Abu Alshawareb says, “Dubai Industrial City works closely with the Ministry of Environment and Food Security in the UAE, and has a dedicated zone for F&B. We have more than 23.5 million sq. ft. of land dedicated to the F&B sector and provide an agile and flexible environment for companies to reach two-thirds of the world’s population in eight hours.”

N.THING to showcase its innovative vertical farming technology at GITEX 2021

N.THING formally launched operations in the UAE in 2020, with the goal of improving food security in the UAE, developing the country’s farming capabilities, and providing a solution to potential socioeconomic threats such as pandemics.

‘We must motivate our peoples to revive the glories of Islamic Civilization’, says H.H. Abdullah bin Zayed

The summit looks forward on building of achievements of the first summit and to proceed together in developing a road map for the most important initiatives and future projects to achieve the goals of the ten-year plan. It is not enough to define goals and develop action plans, but needs to motivate peoples to lead the innovation process.