Optoma UHZ50: Ultra High Performance, Affordable 4K Laser Home Theater Projector

The Optoma UHZ50 is a home theatre projector that’s designed to elevate your theatre experiences. It’s got all the features you need for optimal image quality in any 4K home theatre setting, plus it’s bright looking.

AOC G3 series of G line monitors for gamers unleash in ME

Flat-screen variants and models with an Ultrawide (21:9) aspect ratio will be available in the flexible G3 Series. Most G3 monitors have a 165Hz refresh rate, which allows gaming at an esports level.

Acer launches new monitors and 4K projector for home entertainment

The 4K laser projector provides great performance and low energy consumption. Monitors, one with a WQHD IPS display for prosumers who work and play at home and other with WQHD 300 Hz panel for gamers.

Motorola launches moto g 5G in the UAE for just 999 AED

As part of the company’s wider strategy, Motorola aims to accelerate innovations in mobile connectivity, while also ensuring it meets the common end-user requirements such as ease-of-use and affordability.