Saudi German Health UAE utilizing Aruba’s network technology to deliver Healthcare Services

Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, announced that it has provided network infrastructure technology to Saudi German Health UAE, which has underpinned the Group’s digital transformation and enabled it to drive innovation in the healthcare space.

WebOps Global launches its first international headquarters in the UAE

WebOps Global, a subsidiary of WebOps LLC, USA, and a provider of healthcare supply chain solutions, has established its first international headquarters in the United Arab Emirates. As the country’s healthcare sector experiences increased demand as a result of rapid digital transformation, infrastructure development, a strong regulatory framework to protect patients, and advancements in patient care delivery to create a seamless healthcare ecosystem, WebOps Global will meet the sector’s growing needs in the country and beyond.

Aster adopts latest speech and AI-powered technology

Aster Hospitals, in a strategic partnership with 3M, announced the successful adoption of 3M M Modal Fluency Direct, the latest speech and AI-powered technology. Last month, the technology went live across Aster’s facilities in the UAE. The all-in-one solution will allow physicians of any medical specialty to create, review, edit, and sign clinical notes directly within electronic health records using natural language. This technology will standardize and accelerate clinical documentation processes across Aster hospitals, reducing the administrative burden on healthcare professionals.

Saudi Arabia’s MoH embraces multi-cloud approach

The Ministry of Health is in charge of the country’s public healthcare system, which serves a growing population of more than 35 million people. With the onset of COVID-19, the Ministry of Health accelerated the transformation of its IT systems, putting additional strain on healthcare systems and increasing the need for robust applications such as vaccination booking platforms.

41% of UAE residents turned to telemedicine solutions in 2021, survey reveals

Digital health players focused on analytics are emerging and enabling digital transformation in the healthcare sector across key markets in the Middle East. BCG’s analysis segmented analytics players into three archetypes: (1) players with broad analytics capabilities (i.e., not only focused on healthcare), (2) players with health analytics capabilities in select use cases, (3) players bringing holistic health platforms.