Peter Mackenzie - manager of Sophos’ - Rapid Response team - techxmedia

Top 10 security Misperceptions

9 Commonly held misperceptions:1.we are not target as we are small/no asset.2. we do not need advanced technologies installed everywhere.3. we have robust security4. RDP servers can be protected by implementing MFA5. blocking IP from high risk regions6. our backups provide immunity7. our employees understand security8. data can be recovered even after ransomware attack9. paying ransomware to recover data

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Shuman-Ghosemajumder,-Global-Head-of-AI-at-F5 - techxmedia

When will we get rid of passwords?

Companies are beholden to their users, and while most users claim to value security over convenience, their actions speak otherwise. As a case in point, research conducted by Google suggested that even when users have experienced their accounts being taken over, fewer than 10% will adopt multifactor authentication (MFA) because of the associated complexity and friction.

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