Tutuka and Paymentology to form a new payments and card processing powerhouse

Rowan Brewer, CEO at Paymentology, said: “Banks and fintechs are racing to provide customers with digital and data-driven features. They are highly receptive to working with a single issuer-processor that can provide that, across the globe. People want to be able to pay with a virtual card – sometimes online, sometimes tapping their phone –but everything, digitally. “

Paymentology brings cutting-edge cards infrastructure to the ME

“Paymentology’s unique cloud-native issuer processor platform is driving innovation in card issuance in the Middle East and we remain at the forefront of this innovation in this part of the world,”Nauman Hassan, Director for Client Services at Paymentology, says.

Paymentology signs commercial partnership with Paynamics in Philippines

The agreement brings Paymentology’s market leading payment processing capabilities to the Paynamics platform in the Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia, and represents an important expansion to Paymentology’s strategy in the Asia Pacific region. Paynamics have been managing online payments for clients in the Philippines for over 10 years with more than 50 million transactions undertaken since launch.

Tweeq signs partnership with Mastercard and Paymentology

The partnerships will ensure a first-class customer experience through the provision of innovative digital payment solutions including a spending account and contactless cards and will enable a range of seamless payment experiences.

Paymentology joins Visa’s Fintech Fast Track Program

“The Visa Ready certification further boosts customer confidence in our capabilities. It also enables us to deploy Visa card programs faster for banks around the world. We are of particular appeal to digitising banks who are looking to move away from legacy processors to more economic, more agile and more flexible solutions,”