Verratek Lumavision Pro

Let’s take a look at Verratek Lumavision Pro and its specs and features.

What you should consider when choosing a short-throw projector

If you’re looking for an office presentation solution that will help your business thrive, a short-throw projector is the way to go. Short-throw projectors are designed for easy operation and offer many benefits that traditional projectors can’t match. With a short-throw projector, everyone in the room can see the projection clearly, making it ideal for brainstorming sessions and group presentations.

LG ProBeam: Bringing innovation to business meetings

The ProBeam BU60PST combines the best features of the lineup, allowing users to elevate business meetings and effectively deliver critical information for improved communication and productivity.

Meetings become more informative, captivating and creative with LG ProBeam

The new ProBeam projectors are the BU50NST, BU60PST, BF50NST, and BF60PST, and each has been meticulously engineered to satisfy the demands of a wide range of applications and environments.

BenQ named as No. 1 DLP & 4K Projector & Interactive Flat Panel Brand

BenQ has reclaimed the top spot as the best DLP and 4K projectors, as well as Interactive Flat Panels, for Q3 2021, thanks to their continual top-notch performance and smart solutions.