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Mobility and SD-WAN: Is SD-WAN the super glue that will bring 5G and all the edges together?

An SD-WAN enables automation will help service providers to easily connect to and integrate across all different compute edges required to optimize traffic and management of 5G cells. This will enable seamless transition toward a full 5G infrastructure by managing any transport available across the edge, leveraging 5G transport for those critical applications that require zero latency and higher speeds.

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Ericsson and KAUST join hands-on R&D to develop 5G and 6G technologies KSA

Ericsson and KAUST will use machine learning for frequency-selective wireless channels, with the goal of using deep learning to solve channel estimation and resource allocation problems for massive multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems, as current optimization algorithms often have significant computational complexity and processing overhead. Ericsson and KAUST will investigate transparent and flexible intelligent surfaces for increased communication in 5G and beyond.

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