ESET discovers watering hole attacks on websites in Middle East, links to Candiru

A watering hole attack compromises websites that are likely to be visited by targets of interest, allowing website visitor’s machines to be infected. Specific visitors to these websites were most likely targeted in this campaign.

Logitech Rally Bar now natively available for GoTo, Pexip and RingCentral Users

As companies navigate the new demands of hybrid work, we are thrilled to partner with GoTo, Pexip and RingCentral to help their users create the most collaborative and effortless conference room experiences possible.

Sidekick Browser wants to be a productivity-honed

The paradox of connected computing is how much information is […]

BeyondTrust CTO Morey Haber’s comment on Microsoft Exchange breach

Every time one occurs, the news highlights the risks and fallout. With recent attacks infiltrating the supply chain and ransomware now infecting hypervisors without any end user interaction, businesses must step up their security to thwart modern attacks but at a risk of becoming numb and complacent to the constant onslaught of exploits.

8 out of 10 UAE consumers prefer multi-room audio systems for home

Multi-room audio systems leverage at-home Wi-Fi to send music wirelessly over a group of speakers attached to the same network, offering seamless access to music, flexible control via mobile apps or web browsers.