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talabat partners with Terminus to launch autonomous food delivery robots at Expo 2020

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talabat has partnered with Terminus to launch autonomous food delivery robots at Expo 2020. Expo 2020’s Official Food Delivery Provider announced a cooperation with Terminus Group, the Expo 2020’s Official Robotics Partner, to debut autonomous food delivery robots at Expo 2020, revolutionising sustainable last mile delivery.

Both talabat and Terminus are concerned about sustainability, which is one of Expo 2020’s subthemes. The robots were jointly created for great efficiency and fully integrate both talabat’s app interface and Terminus’s Robot Management System. They also have big capacity, password-secure compartments, and can transport thousands of orders each day.

The robots will convey orders from talabat’s state-of-the-art, two-story cloud kitchen to clients in designated drop-off sites at the Expo site, using advanced artificial intelligence (AI) for point-to-point food delivery. Customers can use unique QR codes or order IDs to unlock robots, ensuring that food is served in a safe, frictionless, and seamless manner.

Terminus Victor Ai, CEO and founder of Terminus Technologies Group, said: “We’re proud to partner with talabat to bring our expertise and knowledge together to introduce autonomous delivery robots at Expo 2020. Equipped with AI, the robots will introduce a smart and sustainable way of delivering food to designated areas across the Expo site, as well as help in solving issues such as shortages of riders.  The project reflects talabat’s strong efforts to adopt innovative solutions as we head towards a future powered by digital transformation.”

He added: “Our cooperation with talabat will continue to solidify and deepen as we look for ways to work together in the field of intelligent delivery. The introduction of autonomous delivery robots at Expo 2020 marks the beginning of our partnership with talabat. In the future, both sides will strive for more innovative business models to be applied to different delivery scenarios in UAE and other countries across the region.”

Commenting on the partnership, Onur Elgun, Vice President of Strategy MENA at talabat said: “We have been working closely with Terminus to develop and design autonomous delivery robots that are integrated with the talabat app to deliver food in a safe, secure and seamless manner to Expo visitors. The delivery robots are the result of our shared mission to facilitate digital transformation and we’re very excited to bring them to life for the first time at Expo 2020 and showcase the future of online food and grocery delivery and smart mobility.”

The meal delivery and q-commerce industries are quickly evolving, and technology continues to play a growing role in their development. Adoption of innovative digital solutions across all elements of the business is a significant driver for talabat’s success, and innovation is still at the top of the company’s priority list. In its tech hub, headquartered in the company’s head office in Dubai, the region’s top online meal delivery platform presently employs over 300 tech and product professionals.


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