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talabat strengthens its cloud strategy with AWS to innovate faster

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talabat announced its commitment to double down on its cloud strategy with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to continue innovating and responding to increased consumer demand. The migration of Talabat’s core mobile application, core backend, and all of its consumer and merchant-based technologies to the world’s leading cloud supports Talabat’s focus on bringing new solutions to better serve customers, drivers, and its network of over 13,000 restaurants.

Leveraging AWS, Talabat’s technology team modernized its applications by adopting a microservices architecture and moved the application development process to Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS), allowing it to become more agile with the ability to focus on developing new services quickly and at scale. As a result, Talabat has been able to double its weekly project deployments.

Today, Talabat uses Amazon EKS to manage more than 600 containers in production, across its entire application ecosystem, including the payment gateway, restaurant platform, driver app, and the customer-facing app. This has reduced deployment time for new services such as Talabat mart from fifteen days to just two. To meet the surge in demand for its services, Talabat relies on another AWS managed service, Amazon Aurora, to auto-scale and process millions of transactions per day while maintaining application high availability and reliability.

Tomaso Rodriguez, CEO of Talabat, said, “The past period has been an exceptional one as we saw consumers increasingly turn to eCommerce services. For Talabat, moving to AWS helped us respond efficiently and reliably to this change in demand. We undertook the migration in a very short period, with no downtime or interruption to the user experience. With innovation today at the core of Talabat, relying on AWS enables us to focus on building new services with incredible speed and to better serve customers, drivers, and our network of restaurants.”

Vinod Krishnan, Head of Middle East, AWS, said, “Today more than ever, companies of all sizes are having to quickly respond and adapt to an ever-evolving environment, and cloud technology is empowering them to do so. By migrating to AWS, Talabat is now innovating at incredible speed and responding to customer and merchant needs, all while maintaining app reliability as it copes with exponential growth.”


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