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“Tech plays a vital role in overcoming challenges brought by pandemic” – MBUZZ CEO

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Middle East IT distributor, MBUZZ CEO Fawwaz Al Shammari speaks about the company’s strategic partnerships and multiple technology verticals.

TECHx: 2 years of MBUZZ into the IT distribution sector, please share your take-away in the region during these years and the road ahead?

Yes, it was a strategic decision by our Executive Team to enter IT distribution. The key takeaway from the distribution business is the huge exposure it has brought in. We ventured in with a clear and structured value-added distribution model to connect and introduce the latest niche technology to customers and establish footholds for brands in the region.

It is encouraging to see MBUZZ gain traction and a strong foothold in the Middle East & Africa region.

TECHx: Lately MBUZZ has entered into some key strategic partnerships? Can you please elaborate on the recent collaborations and what is the pipeline for year 2021?

MBUZZ leadership is particular about new strategical alliances and we have a dedicated team to evaluate and manage partnerships. In the past year, our team has been closely working with Supermicro& Micron on data center solutions and server & storage business. Recently we’ve set up a new Security Operation Center in partnership with Watch Tower 365 and have started offering SOC as a service from our facility in Riyadh. We are on a growth trajectory and will continue to explore new opportunities and directions in the coming years.

TECHx as our strategic media partner will be on the forefront to be notified of developments.

TECHx: In just 2 years MBUZZ has managed to build multiple technology verticals, please share your entire portfolio in terms of business verticals and industries of focus?

We’ve structured our Business Units (BU) focusing on our technology verticals; client computing, server & storage, video surveillance, document imaging, wireless & networking BU’s to name a few. Eventually, we will be making inroads into consumer & retail segments with our personal storage, digital imaging, lifestyle& mobility product portfolio.

TECHx: 2020 has been a roller-coaster ride for industries across the world. What kind of best practices can enterprises adapt to counter the challenges brought by COVID-19 pandemic?

If you had to look back, technology has played a vital role in overcoming the pandemic and the challenges that came with it. MBUZZ, as an organization was able to quickly adapt and passed-on the confidence and expertise to our customers and partners. We wanted to make sure that we don’t overlook the impact of pandemic nor underestimate our ability to overcome the situation.

TECHx: MBUZZ group has had a strong presence across MEA, Asia & Europe since 2007, what has worked for you and how do you see the tech distribution space evolving in the coming years?

We are able to foresee the constant shift in technology due to our diversified workforce & inclusiveness. MBUZZ is evolving by advancing in new directions and ideas wherever we are present.


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