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The Power of Data

Big Data Technology

By Jadd Elliot Dib, Founder and CEO of Pangaea X

Experienced data analytics are in high demand as organizations are looking for ways to exploit the power of Big Data

As the role of technology becomes multifold in every sector, it generates huge amounts of information that can yield valuable insights into the field.  This has led to a boom in the data analytics industry.  Data analytics helps businesses and industries make sense of the vast volumes of information for growth and development.

Once a business adopts data analysis, it can gain valuable performance-based insights and gain a better understanding of the organization’s objectives.

Data analysis, whether it is for your online or offline business, helps you draw a near-accurate marketing strategy. This means you can target the right audiences for your business with the correct blend of products or services.

When you analyze data available from your website or eCommerce portal, you can get a clear picture of where the bulk of your customers are located and their buying preferences, budgets, and other vital details. These insights can then form the backbone of your marketing strategy.

The world, as we know it, will continue to be increasingly driven by data. From a corporate perspective, data analytics is the tool that helps business owners in this day and age both understand how their business is faring and pinpoint areas that need attention.

In its function to deliver critical insights as to whether a business is moving in the right direction or not, data analytics is fundamentally the key to effective decision making. Skilled data analysts and business intelligence platforms will help you identify trends in the market and explain the mechanics behind the success of one product or service versus another which may not be faring as well.

Tools such as machine learning and Artificial Intelligence, round out the data analytics picture by aiding data mining, the process of collating large sets of data, and analyzing them to extract useful information. As a result, businesses can utilize data analytics to better understand their client base in terms of customer trends and behaviours.

One of the sectors where data analytics can make a difference is product development. Data analytics enables businesses to understand the current market scenario, which can lead to changing a process or perhaps trigger a need for a new product development that matches the market needs.

Data analytics also enhances content. Organisations can use data to  customise advertisements to target a segment of their entire customer base.  Additionally, data analytics is extremely useful in measuring operations efficiency as it allows companies to see which operations have yielded the best overall results under various conditions and identify which areas need improvement.

Technology professionals who are experienced in analytics are in high demand as organisations are looking for ways to exploit the power of Big Data. This apparent surge is due to the increased number of organisations implementing analytics and thereby looking for a certified data analyst. 

Pangaea X brings the Data Analytics world together in its unique way. It is the first-of-its-kind in the industry, connecting the Data Analytic seeker with the world’s best Data Analysts and Data Scientist freelancers across the world—a one-stop marketplace for all your data procurement needs. The ‘data rush’ has led to the emergence of a new breed of freelancers, and Pangaea X’s operational vision is to seamlessly connect the world, with the world’s best talent when it comes to data analytics.

Pangaea X aims to transform the way you search, find and connect with Data Analysts into a seamless and hassle-free process, focusing on quality connections, easiness of communications, and productive collaborations.

Whatever it is that you are looking for when it comes to the world of data, we’re sure you will find it on Pangaea X’s online digital supercontinent.

Consider us the “Pangaea” to your “X.” Learn more about us at


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