The transformative power of cloud communications in the Middle East


Vonage’s customers in healthcare, fitness, education, financial services, and retail are creating unique experiences for their users.

Vonage was born out of innovation and, through that innovative spirit, has grown and reinvented itself into a global leader in business cloud communications, helping organizations accelerate their digital transformations.

And this work has never been more important than it is right now.

The New Digital Communications Paradigm

Externally, the need for companies to differentiate and deliver personalized, engaging experiences is exploding. Customers are demanding remote experiences that deliver a level of familiarity and connectedness through video, voice, chat, messaging, and verification.

The accelerated digital transformation and the delivery of services is a fundamental paradigm shift across all industries. Our customers in healthcare, fitness, education, financial services, and retail are creating unique experiences for their users.

Through our Vonage Business Communications and Vonage Contact Center products, we deliver the stability and security our customers need to transform how they communicate and operate—from the office or anywhere across the globe.

The Vonage Communications Services Platform provides our customers both power and flexibility through the integration of multiple channels—video, voice, chat, messaging and verification—into their applications, products, and workflows, creating new paradigms and disrupting and changing almost every industry on the planet.

We are here to help accelerate the transformation to digital business and are committed to being a trusted partner to our customers as we navigate the challenges and opportunities together.

The Future of Customer Journeys Through Conversations is Here

Prospective and existing customers want more as part or their brand experience. They expect brands to know who they are, as well as their previous experiences, purchases, inquiries, and support requests.

They expect to communicate with the brand at their convenience on the platform or channel that fits their mood, preference, and nature of inquiries. Gone are the days of 1-800 support numbers with a long wait to speak to an agent. Those phone lines have given way to video, voice with intuitive virtual agents, and messaging across a multitude of channels that serve as touch points across the entirety of the customer journey.

That’s a lot of information, insights, and channels to cover, and the brands that can best meet those expectations are the ones best positioned to win and retain existing business.

Vonage makes the challenge of the customer journey easier to manage. With a programmable communication platform that spans voice, video, SMS, messages, and more, we are the one-stop shop for powering an omnichannel experience that meets customers and users on the channel they prefer with communication seamlessly built into the user experience.

How Communications APIs Work

Communications APIs integrate context and communication across channels. It’s the tool that allows developers to connect disparate networks, such as IP and PSTN, so users can connect anywhere inside or outside of a brand’s application.

It is built with flexibility in mind, enabling not just cross-network communication but also cross-channel, with direct integration with Vonage’s Voice API as well as Client SDK for In-App Voice and App-Messaging cross-connectivity.

But the channels are only part of the story; what makes Communications APIs even more powerful is their ability to customize conversation flows. Developers can integrate new channels with Communications API, giving brands the tools they need to truly customize their communication experience to their customers’ expectations.

For instance, a brand that uses a virtual agent to take orders could enable the handoff to a live agent when an inquiry or request is not recognized, passing along the entirety of the conversation to that point. In that way, the user experience is a seamless conversation rather than clunky and disjointed, forcing the customer to repeat themselves time and again.

A More Seamless Customer Experience

Our already customer-driven business world has become increasingly experience-crazed over the past decade. That’s true in retail, where decision-makers and stakeholders continually search for ways to polish and personalize the customer journey.

Communications APIs power a more seamless experience where conversations are unified instead of siloed.

The context of a customers’ conversation can move with them—from initial contact with the brand, to the evaluation of products or services, to the purchase and subsequent delivery of those goods, to continued conversations when a prospect becomes a customer. The customer experience has started on a positive note, and the customer actually wants to continue to engage with the brand.

With Communications APIs, there’s no part of the journey that has to stand alone. Brands are positioned to understand and respond all along the way, enabling a superior customer experience that makes them stand out from the competition.

Transformative Communications Solutions for the Middle East

“We are excited that some of the most innovative companies in the Middle East, in banking, retail tech, telehealth, and more, are leveraging Vonage products and services to revolutionize the way they connect with customers.” Omar Javaid, President Vonage API.

Vonage provides communications technology for video, voice, messaging, and verification services through the Vonage API Platform, allowing developers to embed contextual, programmable communications into mobile apps, websites, and business systems.

Leveraging Vonage Communications APIs, businesses can better engage with their customers in real time, anywhere in the world, through their preferred communications channels. The Vonage API Platform makes it easy for businesses to build the personalized, immediate, and intuitive communication experiences that today’s customers expect.

Forward-looking companies in the Middle East are harnessing communications APIs to revolutionize their customer connections. Vonage customers include international logistics service company, Aramex; artificial intelligence leader, Arabot; Noon Academy, one of the fastest growing EdTech startups in the Middle East; comprehensive online Arabic content publisher,; and innovative multinational telecommunications service provider, Etisalat.

“At Aramex, we’re continuously looking to innovate further. That’s why we are leveraging Vonage Voice APIs to introduce a one of a kind Contact Center Augmentation Experience via voice and artificial intelligence, first in UAE and then globally. Vonage’s communications solutions have transformed the way we do business and how we engage our customers.” Mohammed Sleeq, Aramex Chief Digital Officer

Vonage APIs in Action

1. Transform Customer JourneyHealthcare

Deliver Better User Experience, Manage Capacity More Flexibly—and Cut Costs 

Life Healthcare operates medical facilities in Southern Africa and 10 European countries.

Challenge—How to continue to deliver medical consultations to patients in 11 national different languages in South Africa during the pandemic.

Solution—Rapidly deliver a telemedicine capability using the Vonage Voice and Video Component and OutSystems applications.


  1. Continuity of care
  2. Improved patient experience 
  3. Cost reduction with capacity optimization

2. Enable Remote Intervention—Insurance

Remote Assessment Enhances Safety and Dramatically Cuts Processing Time

A top-5 insurance company in North America, providing over 100 million policies.

Challenge—How to run claim assessment and processing safely during COVID-19.

Solution—This organization’s Virtual Assist is a “see what I see” live video application which allows insurance adjusters to get a rapid assessment of a vehicle’s damage by interacting via video with repair facilities.


  1. Better customer experience (CX)
  2. Shortening the claims processing in some cases from days to minutes

3. Bridge the Last Mile—Transportation and Logistics

Ease User Authentication and Transactions to Provide Safe Transportation

Grab is a regional leader in transportation, logistics, and payments in Asia.

Challenge—How to scale communications and user verification processes in a region where carrier infrastructure can be unreliable.

Solution—A Vonage-powered customer notification and user verification process via SMS and Voice APIs.


  1. High reliability
  2. Low latency 
  3. High deliverability for business-critical applications

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