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TIER reaches milestone of 100 cities

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Amid the global pandemic, TIER just reached another notable milestone, launching its hundredth city, Kraków in Poland. In recent years, shared electric scooters and other micro-mobility modes in the Middle East and worldwide, have won a place in urban transport to become an increasingly important part of local transit, with TIER at the forefront of such a sustainable transport revolution.

With TIER launching in Krakow, Poland, Europe’s shared micro-mobility provider is celebrating the milestone of being operational in 100 cities globally. The Berlin-based company is now represented in 12 markets worldwide and continues to develop its footprint across Europe and the Middle East, with the mission of significantly reducing harmful CO2 emissions. On a global scale, TIER riders have already traveled a total distance of around 93 million kilometers, helping save almost 15 million car trips.

Sustainable cities: Crossing the 100 city milestone and beyond

In less than three years, the innovative company has also expanded its e-scooter, e-bike and e-moped services across several of the 100 cities in which they operate in. Within the Middle East, TIER first launched in the UAE in 2019, which was followed by Qatar in 2021. As part of its latest expansion plans, TIER is in the process of deploying its scooters in additional countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC),  within the course of this year. TIER’s focus for the upcoming year will be to greatly extend the company’s coverage across the Middle East and Europe to accelerate its ambitious expansion into new markets worldwide.

“Our team feels very proud to have reached the milestone of 100 cities, where TIER has been providing the safest, most equitable and sustainable mobility solution as an of micro-mobility”, said Amir Melad, General Manager TIER Middle East. “Clocking more than 45 million trips globally in such a short amount of time, exemplifies that cities around the region are also looking for innovative ways to make their transport networks safer, more connected and emission-free.”

Most recently, TIER launched its “Rider Plus” campaign in the Middle East, a subscription based package that offers users discounts of up to 50 percent for their rides which makes the service even more attractive for frequent riders. This campaign was launched to encourage people to use climate-neutral modes of transport on a more regular basis, whilst better promoting sustainable mobility over the long-run.

Preparing to launch the TIER Energy Network across Europe

In Germany, France, Norway and the UK, the company is further rolling out the TIER Energy Network, a groundbreaking innovation that will see thousands of battery charging stations installed in businesses to power electric vehicles in the most efficient and sustainable way. Users can easily swap depleted vehicle batteries with charged ones at a network of charging stations hosted by local businesses and will be rewarded with a free trip every time they swap batteries. This enables TIER’s local business partners to attract new customers, whilst reducing the environmental carbon footprint of the rider’s travel.

TIER bulking up its multimodal offering

With the addition of e-bikes, TIER has most recently extended its growing suite of multimodal options to make the company one of the first micro-mobility providers in the world to offer riders three different climate-neutral vehicle types in one app; e-scooters, e-mopeds and now e-bikes. TIER’s electric bikes are currently available in a number of European countries, with plans to deploy the same across the Middle East in the future.

TIER’s mission to “change mobility for good” is largely about creating strong partnerships to expand everyone’s access to sustainable, easily accessible and multimodal mobility solutions. As part of its commitment to sustainability, TIER has taken over 5,000 “FREE NOW” e-scooters, rebranded them to “TIER” and added them to its industry-leading fleet. The company has further adopted the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a guiding framework for its operations and set a clear agenda for reducing and off-setting harmful emissions worldwide. As a result of these measures, TIER has been recognized as a climate-neutral company since January 2020.


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