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Timbl Dubai based start-up turning tables in UAE


Timbl, a UAE start-up focused on customer experience in the Middle East’s food and beverage sector, has conducted a successful proof-of-concept pilot with Social House in Dubai, demonstrating that its rapid payment solution gives restaurants and customers with a 10% faster table turnaround time.

“Timbl is set to delight customers with their new payment experience as well as transform efficiencies for restaurant owners. The Social House pilot showed how much a swift restaurant payment system can improve customer experience, table turn around and revenue but it also revealed a number of insights that allows for more informed decision making,” said Ed Tucker,co-founder of Timbl.

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He added, “In addition to the speed of payment and ease at which customers can settle their bill, restaurants like Social House are able to track everything from the methods in which their staff are tipped, to what drink and meal combinations specific customers like to order.”

Discussing the impact of Timbl’s solution at Social House, Tyrone Reid, CEO at Alabbar Enterprises explained: “Timbl has brought us a competitive advantage. Our customers are loving the fast payment experience and we’re loving the operational efficiencies. We’re benefiting from fast and accurate data and can now achieve more personalized and effective marketing. Timbl has even helped us with staff retention by dramatically increasing the tips that our staff are earning.”

“Our payment solution provides the insights and ease of use that will re-shape the F&B landscape in the Middle East. One key example is gratuity: customers who pay using Timbl add a tip almost 75 percent of the time, which is dramatically more than if they didn’t pay with Timbl. This is critical to restaurant operators in a highly competitive market like Dubai where staff retention is increasingly difficult and can often depend on gratuity. Knowing an easier experience for service and payment gives customers the opportunity to tip more often than not, restaurants can make huge savings through staff retention,” added Tucker.

The Timbl test at Social House discovered that the efficiency of its payment system equaled to six minutes less seated at a table for clients. It was launched to deliver lightning speed payments in restaurants in the UAE and across the Middle East. These improvements have substantial economic consequences for restaurants across the region, and they improve customer experience by eliminating wait periods and cumbersome billing processes.

Customers may pay their bills quickly and easily using Timbl, which eliminates the need for a paper bill, long wait periods, or an app download. Restaurants can also get a variety of data in order to personalise client experiences and improve company processes such as table occupancy and employee retention.

Timbl’s data and insights, for example, revealed that restaurant visits peak around 2 p.m. and 9 p.m., with a stable number of visitors throughout the day. Timbl’s data also provides such specific information that Social House can now plan inventories to accommodate and tailor the experience of its visitors.

The F&B industry is already benefiting from Timbl’s data visualisation and self-service dashboards to create revenue-generating and better, tailored experiences for their customers, with companies such as Social House and Atlantis.


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