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Top 5 essential digital marketing skills to learn in 2021

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By Nelson Ikechukwu Nworie

Digital marketing is constantly changing, so being up to date on the relevant skills is crucial for success in this profession. Digital Marketing aims to build connections with the audience by communication, learning what connects with them, and providing content to them in the best possible means, rather than asking the audiences to buy a product.

So, to be an effective digital marketer, you’ll need soft skills like strong communication, empathy, and curiosity. On the other hand, digital marketing skills are required for analyzing, developing, and implementing various online advertising campaigns and strategies.

By the end of this article, you will know the top five essential digital marketing skills to learn in 2021.

So, let’s dive in!

Search Engine Optimization [ SEO]

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Digital marketing utilizes SEO skills to boost the quantity of organic traffic to a website by optimizing it to rank higher in search engine results pages [SERP]. SEO promotes a variety of platforms, including websites, blogs, YouTube, and infographics.

SEO has been around for a long time but still a vital part of digital marketing. A digital marketing specialist must be familiar with SEO because it’s an excellent method to contribute to your company’s organic growth.

When you continuously post valuable material, search engines like Google can determine whether your website is important and promote it on the search engine results page [SERP]. The SEO process involves developing a successful digital marketing strategy, keyword research, relevant content, a good structure, backlinking, and resolving website faults.

Here are some SEO techniques you can get started on

On-page SEO is the process of optimizing the content on your website. It includes things like keywords, headers, meta titles, meta description images, and so on.

Off-page SEO refers to everything that occurs outside of your website. Off-page SEO is all about increasing your company’s visibility and credibility, leading to more visitors and sales.

The majority of off-page SEO efforts revolve around link building. If you’re not familiar with the term, link building is the process of obtaining links from other trustworthy websites to your own.

Technical SEO is the steps taken to assist search engines in crawling your website. These requirements change as search engines and their algorithms get more complex, implying that this sort of SEO is always changing. Your technical SEO efforts must be effective to ensure that Google does not have any issues crawling your website.

Local SEO is a type of SEO that focuses on a specific location rather than a broad geographic area. It involves boosting your online presence and promoting your products or services to local clients.

How well you rank on Google is frequently determined by your Google My Business profile. It’s where you list your business’s address, hours of operation, description, reviews, and images.

Some of the commonly used SEO tools are as follows.

  • Google Analytics
  • SEMrush 
  • Ahrefs
  • Google Search Console
  • Moz
  • Yoast Google Trends

Understanding the SEO process and the relevant tools are the key to success in this field, whether you have basic knowledge or still a beginner.

Video Marketing

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Video marketing is a creative and visual approach to marketing your products and services as more firms use video content in their strategy. It is an effective way to improve your digital marketing strategy by increasing engagement on your digital and social platforms, educate your consumers and customers, and reach out to a new audience.

Why should you focus on video marketing skills right now?

Video has become increasingly popular as a content marketing tool in the last few years. The skills will continue to be in demand since video marketing has become a holistic business approach, which means video content should be created in a conversational, actionable, and quantifiable manner by all teams.

The following are the types of video marketing to start on.

  • Demo videos
  • Brand videos
  • Event videos
  • Expert interviews
  • Educational or How-to videos
  • Explainer videos
  • Animated videos
  • Case study or consumer testimonial videos
  • Live video
  • 360 degrees and virtual reality videos
  • Augmented reality [AR] videos
  • Personalized messages

Data Analytics

Data Analytics - techxmedia

As the volume of content produced daily grows, so does the need for data-driven decisions. Brands now have more tools at their disposal to track various metrics like engagement, likes, and comments, which can help them make better decisions.

Having data analytics skills means you can better know how to improve upon what is working and adjust what isn’t. It’s easier to comprehend marketing constraints, identify new KPIs, and improve your entire marketing strategy and ROI if you know how to analyze data. Understanding how to analyze data on multiple digital platforms and to master primary query languages like SQL is critical in this field.

The following are some of the essential Data Analytics tools:

  • Tableau for Google Analytics (For Data Visualization)
  • Sprout Social is a company that specializes in social media marketing (For Social Listening)
  • SQL in Google Tag Manager

Product/User Experience Design

Product/User Experience Design - techxmedia

A fantastic user experience designed for the target audience is essential for ensuring customer satisfaction and increasing business conversion.  In fact, according to Forrester Research, brands that succeed in its Customer Experience Index grow quicker and generate more money than their competitors.

A superb user experience that your users love is also a great strategy to stay in the spotlight while outperforming your competitors. This one reason is why user experience is so crucial in the marketing strategy.

UX Design impacts digital marketing by fostering connections, increasing visibility, improving customer experience, lowering bounce rates, increasing ROI, and optimizing mobile view. Mobile devices account for most web traffic, and most businesses demand digital marketers who can optimize for mobile.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing - techxmedia

Digital marketing utilizes social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, etc., to connect with customers, promote a brand, improve sales, and drive traffic to the website.

More people use social media now more than ever.  COVID-19 pandemic forced people to move to digital media. As a result, brands were compelled to improve their social media marketing strategy.

Social media marketing skills will enable you to understand social media platforms and use them to your benefit. The world of social media is continuously evolving. Every day, new features and tools are released, so it’s critical to keep your digital marketing skills up to date.

Likewise, data and insights are essential while building social media strategies. You should know how to access various analytics across many platforms, including likes, comments, shares, and link hits, among others. Digital marketers can learn which content works best for them by tracking all of these factors.

A career in digital marketing requires careful preparation, a forward-thinking approach, and a sharp eye for emerging trends. Successful digital marketers have an insatiable interest in how things work and how they’re changing, both in their industry and worldwide. Continuous learning is required to keep on top of current trends.


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