Touchpad keyboard is a real revolution from Prestigio

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ASBISc Enterprises Plc had significantly strengthened up its position by selling an increased number of devices under own brands. Prestigio is also ASBIS own brand and has introduced touchpad on the keyboard, Click&Touch. Externally, it does not appear different from other keyboards but when you touch its keys, you realize that it can function not only as a keyboard but also as a touchpad or mouse.

For a long time, the keyboard market has not seen any major changes, although technological progress is apparent in other areas. The appearance of such a device is a revolution! It has taken three years from the initial idea to its full implementation, but now it is a reality! Click & Touch is an interactive multi-function keyboard system connecting a keyboard, touchpad and mouse. You can connect to Click&Touch up to 5 devices simultaneously, and thanks to the automatic seamless transition between typing and cursor control modes, the device is more convenient than ever.

Top features of Click&Touch keyboard:

•             Automatically switches between keyboard and touchpad modes;

•             Supports gestures: cursor control, click, scroll, media sliders;

•             Greatly simplifies interaction with smart TVs;

•             Opens opportunities not provided by a remote control;

•             Does not require special software;

•             Provides connection of up to 5 devices simultaneously via 3 connection channels;

•             Compact and lightweight, saves space on your desktop

Universal device: Type text, control the cursor, open folders and documents with a single Click&Touch keyboard. Thanks to the built-in sensors, you can control the cursor directly on the keyboard surface, just swipe your finger over the keys on the touch panel. You no longer have to use a separate mouse or touchpad.

Connects to 5 devices simultaneously: You do not need to install software to connect the Click&Touch, in order to do that use the following:

•             Bluetooth module (3 devices);

•             Type-C connector (1 device);

•             USB dongle (1 device).

For example, you can connect a MacBook keyboard and TV via Bluetooth, a tablet via USB dongle and use the remaining connection methods for two more devices.

Smart switching: The keyboard system itself determines which mode you are working and automatically switches between the keyboard and touchpad mode. This allows you not to think about the input device, the control is intuitive. 

Ease of operation: click, scroll and type: Clicking is as simple and easy as if you were using a mouse. Just touch the keyboard and it will perform the task:

•             Single finger tap for left click;

•             Two fingers tap for right-click.

Scrolling is activated intuitively, just like any other action — just swipe with two fingers on the keyboard. On the keyboard system, you can scroll through videos and change the volume level using media sliders. To do this, just swipe your fingers left or right on the top row of keys.

Click & Touch is a universal option for PC, TV, interactive screens and other devices:

With Click & Touch, you can type texts and control the cursor in a convenient place and position and easily connect to multiple devices at the same time. It saves space on the desktop, and you do not have to constantly move your hands from the keyboard to the mouse and back.

For presentations and conferences with interactive screens, Click&Touch keyboard is the best option. You won’t be needed to be near the screen to change the slide or type on the virtual keyboard. Click&Touch solves the problem of managing content at a distance, especially if the screen is located somewhere high up. Now you can type and control the cursor on multiple devices at the same time, even while standing or in motion.


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