Trend Micro and NVIDIA Secure AI-Enabled Data Centers

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Trend Micro Incorporated, a cybersecurity company, has announced a strategic partnership with NVIDIA to enhance security measures for AI-enabled private data centers. This collaboration integrates NVIDIA NIM and NVIDIA Morpheus with Trend Vision One™ – Sovereign and Private Cloud (SPC) solutions, aimed at bolstering defenses against evolving cyber threats.

The partnership leverages NVIDIA NIM’s AI inferencing microservices to locally deploy Trend’s Cyber Security Large Language Model (LLM), significantly boosting data privacy, real-time analysis capabilities, and rapid threat response. This integration addresses the complex security challenges posed by next-generation AI-driven data centers, offering robust threat detection and mitigation capabilities.

Dr. Moataz Bin Ali, Regional Vice President and Managing Director, MMEA at Trend Micro, emphasized the strategic importance of the partnership amidst the region’s burgeoning AI sector, projected to grow annually by 20% to 34%. “Our mission is to empower businesses to harness AI’s full potential while ensuring top-tier security and data protection,” he stated.

Pat Lee, VP of Strategic Enterprise Partnerships at NVIDIA, highlighted the significance of integrating security into AI applications across diverse environments, including sovereign private clouds. “Trend Micro’s NVIDIA NIM integration exemplifies how AI can enhance security across enterprise infrastructure,” Lee noted.

As AI continues to reshape industries, Trend Micro and NVIDIA are setting new standards in securing AI-enabled environments, underscoring their commitment to delivering innovative cybersecurity solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of both government and private sector organizations.

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