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UAE based Gallery Suites announces new initiative to boost UAE-Israel tourism

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Khurram Shroff, Chairman of the IBC Group headquartered in the UAE, has announced an initiative seeking to boost cross-border tourism between the UAE and Israel. Coming in the wake of the momentous peace agreement between the two nations, the project will be a partnership between the group’s subsidiary Gallery Suites Vacation Rentals LLC, and Smiling House, of Switzerland.

The Swiss holiday rental management company, founded by Ira and Moriya Rockman, has a significant presence in the Israeli tourism market. The partnership of Gallery Suites and Smiling House extends the company’s reach across the world, including in major Israeli cities such as Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. The duo will jointly engage in discussions with operators in Israel to promote collaboration and showcase their exclusive and premium properties, too eager tourists in the Jewish state.

Gallery Suites has created a portfolio of meticulously curated luxury vacation homes, in some of the most sought after locations in Dubai, with convenient access to the rest of the city’s attractions. Its uniquely furnished short-term rental properties have been noted for their attention to detail by discerning travelers, from offering exclusive art-infused ambiance, to their compliance with religious guidelines. “The historic peace accord, between the United Arab Emirates and Israel, is a new dawn in regional amity and cooperation”, says Khurram. “There’s already great excitement around the possibilities opening up, and the huge potential for mutual growth”.

“As is apparent from the extent we go to curate the stay of our guests, at Gallery Suites we have always considered tourism about being much more than recreation. People to people contact, and experiencing each other’s cultures, will form the basis of a truly integrated Middle East. We are especially keen to showcase the UAE’s renowned hospitality, by offering holiday homes that are strictly compliant with Kosher guidelines, for those of our guests that request such facilities. But of course, all while adhering to strict COVID safety guidelines to safeguard everyone”, he adds.

Recent years had witnessed an upswing in the numbers of Middle Eastern tourists traveling to international destinations, prior to the restrictions imposed by COVID-19. Khurram sees the UAE-Israel peace accord as an opportunity to revive regional tourism. “There is a strong economic incentive to travel between the UAE and Israel, particularly given the post-pandemic reopening of business activities. As the region looks to develop resilience against any future global crisis, we anticipate a growth in engagement and collaboration, hence the number of business travelers within the region”, he reiterates.

“Gallery Suites plans to host an Israeli delegation in Dubai, as well as taking a trip to meet potential partners and collaborators in Israel. The Middle East has a storied and ancient tale to tell. It has been the cradle of civilization and the birthplace of some of the world’s most devoutly adhered to religious traditions. We at Gallery Suites view facilitating our guests, in their journey to discover common ground within our variations, as a truly exciting and gratifying opportunity”, Khurram concludes.


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