UAE-Developed Glu Connects Students, Parents, Teachers & Schools for Improved Education Outcomes

The student-focused online learning platform Glu (Global Learning Umbrella) has launched to provide a more collaborative educational experience for students, parents, teachers, and schools. Available on the App Store and Google Play, the innovative web-based app has been developed by a team of teachers and technical experts in the UAE, making it the first to create such an extensive global education ecosystem.

By facilitating open communication focused on the child with its integrated reporting tools and connected structure, Glu makes it simpler for everyone to interact. Resources may be seen and uploaded, comments can be given, and a clear picture of past, present, and future skill improvement can be obtained in real-time for all parties.

Schools subscribe annually based on the number of students, granting access to a solution customized for their institution and designed for future use. It is user-friendly, allowing for simple onboarding, with Glu’s team handling data migration and offering hands-on training. Schools that belong to a larger group also benefit from the ability to share recorded lessons with other schools in their network.

Some of Glu’s main features include:

• Recorded lesson content can be shared among students

• Interactive whiteboard for real-time lesson delivery and annotation

• 24/7 access to learning materials and support

• Facility to take registers, mark work, and post-exam results

• Keep notes on student progress/behaviour as needed

• The messenger function lets all parties communicate in real-time

• CMS system conceptualised and developed by teachers

• Schools can build an individual database for every student and access invaluable information with one click

Ryan Williams, co-founder of Glu said “As people become increasingly familiar with digital learning, users are demanding a greater degree of customisation, especially in content, communication, and reporting. Our main goal is to create an individualised profile for all students to ensure they maximise their full potential. Glu is unique in its ability to connect all the dots for a truly collaborative online environment with 360-degree capabilities. Students can improve their grades and overcome obstacles with individual support, parents can track their child’s learning with ease, and teachers benefit from a streamlined process.

He added “As a parent and a former teacher, I know how challenging it is to keep on top of

progress, often navigating between different platforms for different things. Glu makes everyone’s lives easier by combining everything you need for school life in one appealing app.”

Like most technology industries, education technology is expanding quickly; market value is predicted to increase 2.5 times between 2019 and 2025, reaching $404 billion in total global spending. Additionally, educational institutions that have incorporated EdTech greatly outperform their competitors in terms of inspection scores and student happiness. In other

markets where there is a substantial need for an effective and inclusive digital learning tool, Glu is actively looking at business options.

Glu is backed by PPMG, a world-renowned investment firm with a successful track record of developing market-dominating digital products in various industries.


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