UAE gaming community gathers as BenQ curates a long-awaited gaming event

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BenQ curated a special gaming event with the biggest stars in the Middle East gaming community and announced their newest gaming goods. A broad mix of people, including well-known gamers, influencers, reviewers, media businesses, and partners, gathers under one roof.

“For over ten years, BenQ has been dedicated to creating gaming equipment that allows players to focus on what matters most, their competitive performance,” said Manish Bakshi, Managing Director, BenQ Middle East.

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He added, “We are excited to launch our new MOBIUZ range & ZOWIE XL range alongside the XL Setting to Share software to offer players the best resources to improve their gaming experience. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the Gaming Community for making this event such a success.”

“Immersion is everything,” said Manish Bakshi, Managing Director, BenQ Middle East. “Why would you want to simply look at the stunning landscapes in your favorite AAA game when you can feel like you’re there? That is the vision behind these new QHD 165Hz MOBIUZ gaming monitors.”

Geekay eSports, YaLLa eSports, Venomy eSports, Nasr eSports, Syctes eSports, and Lost eSports were among the teams who attended one of the first few gaming events of its kind organised in the last several years. The major feature of the occasion was a Valorant and Fortnite showcase tournament.

It was an offline 1v1 knockout competition in which competitors had a blast competing against one another. Autumn took first place in Valorant, with Kasper from Geekay eSports in second and Azz from Zerah eSports in third. Whereas Tensa from Scytes eSports secured the 1st position in Fortnite, followed by Ember from Next eSports and Murloc from Scytes eSports, who secured the 2nd and 3rd spots respectively.

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Attendees also got hands-on playtime with all of BenQ’s latest products – ZOWIE XL-K monitors, MOBIUZ Curved sim-racing monitors and the world’s first true 4K HDR gaming projector with Android TV.

Aside from the XL2411K and XL2546K monitors, which were released in 2020, players were anxious to try out the XL2746K and XL2540K monitors in Experience Zones and learn about their new unique features.

The ZOWIE XL2746K is a 27-inch 240Hz DyAc+ gaming monitor that helps with recoil control by allowing gamers to view the position of crosshairs and impact points more precisely. It features a large number of height and angle changes, making it highly adaptable. Its Black eQualizer technology improves vision in dark environments without overexposing bright regions, and Color Vibrance allows you to modify colour settings and tone in-game to distinguish enemy targets. The ZOWIE XL2540K is a 240Hz 24.5-inch gaming monitor that allows players to capture every nuance of motion and enjoy fluid gameplay at all times, offering a seamless view of fast-motion and dramatic transitions.ts all-new base takes up less space while keeping the same level of stability, giving gamers more area for their setup and to play comfortably in-game.

Gamers were also given the opportunity to try out the XL Settings to Share to design their ideal experience, which they can now share and download (such as DyAc usage, Color Vibrance, Black Equalizer). The new XL Setting to Share program facilitates this capability, which is specific to ZOWIE’s XL-K monitors. It’s completely free and doesn’t require any setup.

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BenQ also held a sim racing competition to see who could complete the fastest laps. BenQ presented three MOBIUZ QHD 165Hz gaming monitors in the sim racing booth: EX3415R, EX2710R, and EX3210R. The EX3415R, a 34-inch 144Hz Ultrawide Curved Gaming Monitor with 1ms response time, leverages the ultra-broad P3 color space to display stunning graphics on a 21:9 1900R curvature screen the EX2710R and EX3210R have severe 1000R curvature. Their severe 1000R – 1900R curvature mimics the human eye, reducing strain, headaches, and distraction. The gaming experience is not only more comfortable, but the pictures that wrap around the gamer’s field of view are incredibly immersive. These new curved VA monitors also come with simple remote control and an ergonomic stand. MOBIUZ puts players in the thick of things, and the three models prioritize immersion with features like HDRi intelligent optimization, 2.1 channel audio, and cutting-edge eye care.

BenQ demonstrated the EW3880R monitor, which features a curved IPS display with an intriguing 2300R curvature and WQHD+ resolution for live streams. These monitors come with fantastic integrated audio systems and eye-care capabilities to assist gamers to improve their gameplay and overall gaming experience.

BenQ’s TK700STi — the world’s first True 4K HDR gaming projector, suited for giant-screen gaming – was another highlight of the evening. Because “the image quality on projectors is normally not so crisp and clear,” as one gamer noted, the gaming community was awestruck and felt as if they were playing the PS5 on a 4K TV.

There is no longer any need to pick between image and performance. The TK700STi can easily project 4K images larger than 100″ thanks to its crisp resolution, strong brightness (3000lm), and HDR gaming compatibility. Meanwhile, its 16ms input lag, which is the lowest ever for a 4K display, ensures the best gaming experience. Gamers can now maintain perfect control and succeed in fast-paced sports and first-person shooter games with clear eyesight. The TK700STi works with all main consoles (Sony PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox Series X, Google stadia).

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