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UAE & Vietnam sign a pact to accelerate cultural and creative industries

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The UAE Ministry of Culture and Youth has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Socialist Republic of Vietnam’s Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to cooperate in the sphere of culture, including antiquities, heritage, arts, and libraries. The two countries have agreed to support cultural and creative industries and talented people, exchange knowledge, and promote a better understanding of each other’s cultures, as well as promote cultural dialogue and meetings between the UAE and Vietnam to foster greater national identity among their peoples.

His Excellency Mubarak AlNakhi, Undersecretary of the UAE Ministry of Culture and Youth, and His Excellency Ta Quang Dong, Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports, and Tourism of Vietnam, signed the Memorandum of Understanding.

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The MoU lays solid foundations for exchanging experiences, knowledge, and expertise in the sectors of culture, such as antiquities, heritage, arts, libraries, cultural and creative enterprises, and the study of each other’s culture, language, literature, arts, and heritage. It also encourages library collaboration as well as involvement in cultural and artistic activities and events in both nations.

H.E. Mubarak AlNakhi emphasised the necessity of establishing conversation and cultural convergence among different groups. His Excellency emphasised the importance of cultural and creative industries as a national priority in economic development. Nations should be recognised for their contributions to coexistence, understanding, and tolerance, as well as their role in elevating human interactions to new heights.

His Excellency also emphasised the importance of the two nations’ cooperation in the cultural and creative industries, as well as the creation of chances for stronger bilateral cooperation.

His Excellency emphasised that now is the greatest time to look into collaboration in the creative economy, as well as developing joint platforms and efforts to look into investment prospects in these promising sectors. This would result in deeper cultural and creative linkages between the two countries, as well as a stronger framework for policies and regulations to foster creative businesses. It would also lead to the development of creative industries measuring tactics and methodology, as well as more training possibilities.

The MoU aims to facilitate the implementation of international agreements under intergovernmental agencies such as the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and other international conventions related to antiquities, heritage, arts and libraries, cultural and creative industries, and support for talented people through the exchange of experiences.

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Specialists, scholars, experts, and researchers in cultural fields related to antiquities, heritage, arts, and libraries were invited to share their experiences in implementing plans and taking measures through competent national institutions, intergovernmental agencies, and organisations, according to the two parties.

The MoU emphasises the importance of enhancing collaboration between competent authorities in order to enhance awareness of each other’s national identity, culture, heritage, and arts by hosting cultural officials, writers, and intellectuals from both nations. It also encourages the exchange of books and publications based on each other’s cultures, as well as participation in antiquities, heritage, arts, and library-related activities and events between the two countries, within the framework of specific agreements.

In addition, the two countries will work to ensure that intellectual property rights are protected in accordance with national laws and international conventions. In order to create stronger cultural collaboration, they also pledged to sponsor mutual cultural events, facilitate public involvement in cultural events, and collaborate in the sustainability of cultural and creative sectors.


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