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UAE’S lifestyle brand Switch introduces true wireless tech innovation

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 The UAE’s exuberant lifestyle and technology brand, Switch, announced a series of wireless tech innovation including  TruBudz Quiet True Wireless Earbuds, the new flagship from the popular TruBudz range.

 The new earbuds combine first-class audio quality with superior features, connecting easily to your smartphone through Bluetooth. The TruBudz Quiet allow for simple wireless charging, clear hands-free calls, extended battery life, intuitive touch controls to switch between the three listening modes, as well as in-ear sensors for pause and playback.

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The TruBudz Quiet Earbuds are now available to purchase in all leading retailers in the UAE, both in stores and online, priced at AED299.

Unique Sound-Through Mode

A feature you never knew you needed until now. The sound-through mode feature is activated by double-tapping the left earbudand lets in traffic and environment noise, when you want. For customers who love riding ane-scooter, this feature will help disconnect them from the world, while listening to their favourite tracks, but also lets them hear their surroundings and stay safe. Also, a perfect feature for those taking meetings in the office and or in the gym and want to hear their surroundings, without having to pause their audio or take their earbud out.

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Active Noise Cancellation

With a simple double-tap of any of the earbuds, it activates noise cancellation (ANC), which will reduce background sounds by 35-db for an immersive audio experience, without the need of increasing the volume. How, you ask? The Trubudz Quiet uses a hybrid ANC technology via two external microphones to block out noise and deliver superior noise cancellation to users.

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Answer Calls with Ease

Managing hands-free calls has never been easier with the unique three-mic system, that gives users crisp audio sound for conversations on-the-go. With a simple double-tap to the right earbud, users can answer and hang-up calls without the need to use their phone.

Easy Wireless Charging

With a completely redesigned look from the TruBudz family, the new earbuds come in a wireless charging case, for convenient charging options and once battery is full, the TruBudz Quiet can offer anextensive 29 hours of playback. Say goodbye to charging your earbuds on a daily basis and ideal for those who are constantly on the move and need a long-lasting earbuds companion.

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Premium Audio Design

With a luxurious matte black finish, the case perfectly fits in the palm of your hands and the earbuds are designed with maximum comfort in mind and come with three ear tips for you to choose from. The earbuds are IPx5 splash and sweat proof. For customers looking for something unique to match their style, Switch can customize the TruBudz Quiet earbuds, where you can select from over 100 colours, when you visit any Axiom Telecom store.


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