UWallet and imo to launch imoPay in Jordan

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ImoPay, a brand-new mobile payment service, has been introduced in Jordan through a partnership between UWallet, an innovative payment service provider by Umniah, and imo, the top instant messaging (IM) programme in the world. Social networking, e-wallets, and online payment methods will all be combined in this service.

The application aims to enhance social interactions between families and friends by giving a wide range of easy, inclusive and secure features as the app is coming out as the first IM-based mobile payment solution provider to the country where all transactions will be verified by both UWallet and the imo platform. Users can now carry out peer-to-peer fund transfers in real time with just a few clicks on the app.

The service has been in effect as of 22 November 2022, under the slogan ‘Beyond a Safer Way to Pay’. A signing ceremony was held to commemorate the occasion on November 14 2022, in the presence of imo Vice President Jackson Lau and UWallet CEO Dr Alaa Ensheiwat.

imo Spokesperson, Khaldun Mahmoud said “We’re delighted to be tapping into Jordan’s vast fintech market potential to introduce imoPay. Beyond pioneering the mobile payment sector, imoPay aims to realize a social benefit by granting users from various backgrounds and locations equal access to safe, flexible, and simple financial solutions that make their lives easier and allow them to keep pace with the demands of the smart digital lifestyle. We look forward to receiving feedback on this progressive solution and deploying additional features of significant added value to users in Jordan and soon across the world.”

Imo’s evolution naturally led to the ability to facilitate digital payments, building on the app’s popularity among smartphone users, accessibility, and user familiarity. ImoPay aims to involve the unbanked or financially underserved or excluded to strengthen their financial inclusion. This includes low-income individuals, women, youth, and residents of remote locations. Tech-savvy and higher-income consumers are typically familiar with digital payments and transfers.

ImoPay was introduced worldwide at the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic which brought a major growth in the awareness of Jordanians about the adoption and usage of digital payments, money transfers, and e-wallets.

UWallet CEO, Dr Alaa Ensheiwat said “We hope that this innovative combination of social networking and e-wallet technology proves to elevate users’ digital experience, providing them with safe and secure means of online payment. UWallet has always strived to revolutionize the market, and we are confident that this partnership with imo will serve this purpose.”

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